March 19, 2021

Daily Joke: The Stages of Success According to an Old Man

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An old man was sitting next to a young lad in a park. Out of nowhere, he asks the guy if he knew what true success really meant. Without waiting for an answer, the old man began to preach.  

Joseph was sitting on a park bench, waiting for his girlfriend to arrive. An old man ambled towards the bench and took a seat right next to him. 

"What is the time, son?" the old man asked. 

"It's 12:35 p.m., sir," Joseph said with a smile. 

On old man. | Source: Pexels/MarllonChristhianBarbosa


"Waiting for omeone special, are you?" the old man asked. Joseph nodded.

"How old are you?" asked the old man again. 

"I'm 20, sir."

The old man chuckled. "20, huh? I had many girlfriends when I was your age. I married one of them."


Joseph was amused. "Cool!" he exclaimed. "Well, I have only one right now."

After sitting quietly for a minute, the old man said, "Success comes full circle, doesn't it?"

"What do you mean?" Joseph asked, perplexed. 

"Think about it," the old man began. "When you're four years old, success means not wetting your pants."


"Then you turn 12, and success means having friends..."

"And when you turn 16 and finally get your driver's license, that is success. You know what's success at 20?"

Joseph, who was sitting there awkwardly, shook his head. 

"It means to have sex," the old man said with a chuckle.


"By 35, success means having tons of money."

Joseph wondered what the old man was getting at. "What happens then?" he asked. 

"At 60 years old, success is having money."

"At 70, success is having sex," the old man winked. 

"By the time you're 80 years old, success is still having your driver's license."


"When you turn 85, you measure your success in the number of friends you have."

"Turning 90 will teach you that success means not wetting your pants!"

The old man looked directly at Joseph with a serious expression. "Life always comes full circle, whether you like it or not!"

Source: Startsat60

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