March 20, 2021

Story of the Day: Woman Kicks Sister Out of Her Car, Forcing Her to Walk Home

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A woman asked her younger sister to leave her car after the latter kept screaming at her as they drove home, causing her to become uncomfortable. 

Rose marked her 27th birthday quietly. For her, there was nothing to celebrate. Just a few months before her birthday, she finalized her divorce from Robin, her husband of three years. 

The first year of their marriage was great, but things changed after Robin was diagnosed with Schizophrenia, a mental illness. It made him resent everyone around him, including Rose. 

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Robin always picked up on something to argue with her about. These arguments led to shouting matches, which caused Rose to cry heavily. She hated being shouted at. It made her scared. 

However, she continued to manage the situation because she loved Robin and wanted to care for him. That was until her therapist advised her to leave him because his condition could worsen and he could hurt her unknowingly. 

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Following the divorce, Rose continued to battle with post-traumatic stress disorder because of the way her ex-husband used to scream at her. Hence, she becomes uncomfortable whenever people raised their voices at or around her. 

Besides her PTSD, Rose was taking care of her disabled dad and 17-year-old younger sister, Kate. They lost their mom a year ago, and Kate was finding it hard to deal with the loss. 

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The teenager had a close bond with her late mom and was reacting badly to it. Rose understood her sister's plight and tried not to go against her whenever they argued. 

Most of their arguments led to Kate insulting her older sister. The teenager would tell Rose that her relationship with Robin did not work out because no one could ever stand her. She would also say Robin's condition worsened because of Rose. 

Rose warned Kate that if she did not keep quiet, she would have to walk home, but the latter did not heed the warning.

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Such words hurt Rose so much, but she always tried not to react to them. Kate would later apologize for her comments, saying she never meant to say them. 

The sisters continued in this way until one day when Rose went to pick Kate up from school. On that day, Kate was furious as she just got out of an argument with her boyfriend. 

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She was raising her voice in the car as she explained her fight with her boyfriend. When Rose tried to calm her down and advise her on the way forward, the 17-year-old shut her down. 

She told Rose that she could not take advice from her because she already had a failed relationship with Robin. Hence, her advice would only make things worse. 

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Rose warned Kate that if she did not keep quiet, she would have to walk home, but the latter did not heed the warning and accused her sister of being a control freak. She further said it was for that reason her relationship with Robin ended. 

Kate continued to scream at her older sister, causing Rose to become uncomfortable and start sweating. She could no longer drive and ordered Kate out of her car before driving off. 

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Later, she received a call from her aunt, who scolded her for allowing her sister to walk home alone from school despite the dangers.

When Rose explained why she did so, her aunt told her to get a hold of herself and stop acting like a kid. Rose felt bad. What do you think? Is Rose wrong for asking Rose to get out of her car?

Did she go too far with that action or within her right to do so, given the dangers involved? Share your opinion or read more about a similar situation, wherein the bride removed her sister from her wedding plans.