March 23, 2021

Daily Joke: A Woman Goes to the Husband Store to Find a Husband

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A woman looking to get herself a husband visits The Husband Store. There, she gets overwhelmed by the array of available options — find out what she goes for. 

A store that claims to sell new spouses opened up in Melbourne, and news of it spread far and wide. The first of its kind, a woman or man, may go there to purchase a husband. 

Several instructions accompanied the terms of the agreement. At the entrance of the stores, one for new wives and another for new husbands, more rules explained how the stores function. 

A man giving a woman a piggyback ride. | Photo: Getty Images


For the Wive store, which was located just across the street from the Husband store, there were six floors. The first floor contained wives that loved sexual congress. 

The second floor held wives that loved sex, had money and enjoyed drinking beer. The floors that followed the second had never been visited. 


The case was completely different with the Husband store; one of the rules cautioned that every woman could only use the service once. Another revealed that there were six floors of increasing value.

A woman may decide to choose any man on a particular floor or move upwards to the next floor, after which she can only come down when she wishes to exit the building. 


A woman entered the Husband Store and on the first floor, she finds a door with a sign on it that stated that the men in the room have jobs. 

The woman was curious, but she kept moving. She gets to the second floor to meet men who were employed and had a healthy love for children. 

Unsatisfied, she moves to the next floor. There she is introduced to men with jobs, good looks, and love for children. 


She is stunned but would not stop moving. The woman advances to the fourth floor, where she finds men blessed with perks from the third floor and desires to help with the housework. 

The woman burned with curiosity, determined to make the best decision; she continued to the fifth floor. There the sign on the door introduced the men as those with a strong romantic streak and all the perks from the 4th floor. 


The woman was tempted to remain, but she climbed to the sixth floor on a split moment decision. She was shocked to find no men on the floor.

Apparently, she was the 31,456,012th person to reach the floor that existed solely as proof that women could not be satisfied.

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