March 23, 2021

Story of the Day: Man Does Not Want to Give Brother Part of the Money His Dad Left Him

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Diego did not want to give his father’s inheritance money to his half-brother, who kept claiming he had a right to the deceased’s money.

It has been years since Diego got in touch with his half-brother Kenzo after their family fell apart. Diego was only three years old when his mom’s secret unfolded and broke their family.

At that time, his father found out that four-year-old Kenzo was born from his mom’s secret affair. According to their mom, the man would come to their home to see Kenzo whenever their dad was at work.

A couple telling secrets at work. | Source: Shutterstock


To make sure, their dad did a paternity test, and as expected, Diego was his only biological son. Diego’s dad filed for divorce shortly after and moved to a different home.

Growing up, Diego lived with his father and visited his mom on holidays. Kenzo’s father, on the other hand, moved in with his mom and Kenzo. 


However, when Kenzo turned ten, his father left him and his mom to fend for themselves. Their mom then contacted her ex-husband and demanded he takes them in and be involved in Kenzo’s life, such as pay for his needs.

According to their mom, Kenzo was his son for three years before the dad found out that she cheated. The family drama went on for years, but Diego’s dad did not give in.


It came to the point that their mother would force Diego to bring his brother to his dad’s home, so eventually, Diego stopped visiting his mom and brother, knowing that they were just going to use his dad.

A few years later, Diego’s dad died from cardiac arrest. It was the most painful thing for Diego, and for months, he could not accept his father’s death.


As his dad never remarried, he received the inheritance wholly, which his dad saved up for him. Diego and his wife wanted to use the money to pay off loans and spend for their baby, but suddenly, Kenzo reached out, demanding he receives half of the inheritance.

According to Kenzo, he has every right to their father’s money as he was also a son at one point, even if by law and by blood, they are in no way related. 


Their mom has also been calling Diego, forcing him to give his brother’s share of the inheritance. However, Diego refused and said he had no stake in the estate as his father wanted nothing to do with Kenzo.

Diego believes his father left the money for him, his only legal and acknowledged son. Would you have done the same thing? For similar family stories, find out why a woman gave her baby her ex-husband’s last name.