March 25, 2021

Story of the Day: Woman Rejects an Apology from Her Bully from 10 Years Ago

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Colorado resident, Kristine, received an apology from a schoolmate who used to bully her in high school over a decade ago but refused to forgive.

Sometimes, bullying becomes more than just a mean act and haunts a person for years, depending on the gravity of the situation. While others forgive and forget school memories as they age, some do not.

It has been more than a decade since Kristine set foot in her high school, the same grounds she experienced bullying from a classmate. She has since reallocated to Colorado, where a horrific event just took place.

City skyline view of Colorado. | Source: Shutterstock


Recently, Kristine received a Facebook message from someone who bullied her years back, apologizing for what she had done then. Sadly, Kristine was in no mood to forgive and revisit her challenging past.

Instead, she replied that flashbacks are nothing she wants to happen nor deal with at the moment, although she is happy her former bully was on a journey to heal herself spiritually.


Kristine further explained that she no longer remembers what issues happened in high school and what mean things her bully did because of a brain trauma she obtained over three years back.

Although she did not forgive her bully, she did wish her luck on healing spiritually.


All Kristine recalls is that she was a mean person who thought highly of herself and lowly of others, but nothing specific. She also declined the request to meet over coffee as she was in a better place now.

However, the thought of reconciling somehow dawns upon Kristine, she would reach out; although the chances are close to impossible. Her schoolmate then replied, “Well I tried…” which only upset Kristine.


The two girls had a few exchanges, including the girl telling Kristine that she should not have replied instead of saying rude things to someone who was trying to fix things. On the other hand, Kristine said it seemed her bully was only apologizing for her peace.

Of course, the situation did not end on a positive note and the two blocked each other on the social media platform. Kristine feels no guilt because she was just honest in her response and declined.


Although she did not forgive her bully, she did wish her luck on healing spiritually. However, she can’t help but think how different things would have turned out to be if she just did not reply at all.

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