March 26, 2021

Scuba Diver Recovers Wedding Ring after the Groom Dropped It into Lake Tahoe Mid-ceremony

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A couple exchanging their vows on the pier had their moment only for the groom to drop the ring through the cracks of the pier. Find out how a scuba driver recovered it below.

According to CBS Sacramento, it was a wedding mishap in Lake Tahoe when the groom accidentally dropped his bride’s ring that plumped right into the water. However, things took a turn when a scuba diver saved the day.

A video shared under the news channel showed the couple exchanging their vows while shedding some tears. As the bride wiped off her groom’s tears, he reached for his pocket and took out the ring box.

Andrew and Marlee Kent reacting to the ring falling off the pier during their wedding ceremony | Photo: Getty Images


When he opened it, the ring fell off and through the cracks of the pier. The bride's response? "Oh my God," she said with one hand covering her mouth. The wedding officiator can be seen holding the bride's bouquet and lowered down to look for the jewelry. 

The news channel interviewed the couple, and the bride shared what went on through her mind at that moment. "Honestly, I thought, this can't be happening. Like that didn’t just happen,” she said.


Her groom chimed in, “What are the chances?” he said, and she responded, “Yeah.” The video appeared again, and you could see the bride and groom on their knees peeping through the pier and could spot the ring in the water.

Scuba diver underwater | Source: Pixabay


The clip also showed a scuba diver getting into the water in search of the ring. In the interview, the groom shared that what went through his mind was how deep the water was and how cold.

The pastor reportedly convinced them not to jump in after it. The couple then opted to ask for help through the Tahoe Scuba Diving Facebook group and asked if anyone was willing to help them. 

Lake Tahoe in California | Source: Pixabay


According to People, the newlyweds are grateful to the kind stranger after he jumped into a chilly lake to recover their lost wedding ring. Andrew and Marlee Kent were saying their "I dos" on Sugar Pine Beach's pier, overlooking Lake Tahoe, when the incident occurred.

Outdoor adventurer Phill Abernathy made it his plight to help the Vancouver, Washington couple. He reportedly recalled that the water was 41 degrees, and so he wore a dry suit.

Abernathy added that he had to be careful when entering the lake because he wanted to avoid having the current move the ring.

Water ring ripples | Source: Pixabay


He shared that they started to move some of the little rocks out of the way, and by doing so, some silts formed. Abernathy reportedly found the ring tucked away in some rocks and even had to fight off a crawdad to get it.

He rose to the surface with it and gave it to the lucky couple. Now Mrs. Kent, Marlee reportedly shared that she is thankful to have her ring back and added that it is a great story to tell their kids one day.

Southport beach pier | Source: Pixabay


A similar situation happened back in 2015 when 25-year-old Matthew Picca asked his girlfriend Kayla Harrity, 24, to marry him during a romantic seaside proposal. At the time, the pair were on vacation with Harrity’s family in Southport, North Carolina.

He planned the surprise proposal while on the trip and wanted to do so in front of their families at a bar on the dock. When he opened the box, the engagement ring dropped through the cracks of the deck, and Harrity reportedly said it fell before she even saw it.

She then burst into tears while everyone looked while in shock. They told Picca to jump into the water because it was not deep. Many others jumped in search of it, and it was found 1.5 hours later by a bar patron.