Story of the Day: Friends Decided to Stop Hanging Out with Other Friend for Always Being Broke

Cathrine Mabvudza
Mar 26, 2021
12:15 P.M.
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After months of always footing the bill for a broke friend, two friends finally had enough and stopped hanging out with her completely. Read on to find out what led to such a harsh decision.


John, Amy, and Gina's close friendship was always admirable from the outside looking in. The trio was inseparable and spent most of their free time together, drinking, smoking, and going out to eat just like most young adults.

However, deep resentment was slowly festering between them because of the apparent wealth gap between them. Despite all three of them having jobs, Gina never had any money.

Three friends having a rooftop picnic. | Source: Pexels/cottonbro


Although Gina lived with her parents and didn't have any bills, she was always broke and blamed her low-income job. John and Amy both lived alone and had rent, electricity, and car payments to cover every month.

Still, the pair were always happy to pay for Gina's meals whenever they went out to eat together. They even willingly took turns picking her up and taking her home without asking for gas money.


However, over time the financial burden of footing Gina's bills became heavy because it was neverending. Gina didn't seem to appreciate them either and started to take advantage of their kindness. 

One time, the trio passed through a McDonald's drive-through restaurant, and out of pity, Amy asked Gina if she'd like anything to eat. Gina played coy for a few seconds, but when it came time to order, she leaned out the window and made her request:

"Can I get two Big Macs, large fries, large Coke, and a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets. Ummmm, also add a Hot Fudge Sundae."


Amy was taken aback by Gina's large order considering she was only getting herself something from the dollar menu, but she didn't say anything at the time because she figured it was a one-time thing. She was wrong.

A few weekends later, the trio decided to go try out a new restaurant in the area. Again, Gina said she didn't have money so John offered to pay so they could share the experience together. 


When the waiter came to take their order, both John and Amy ordered modestly priced meals under $12 each, while Gina ordered a Mongolian steak which cost $22. "I have expensive taste," she justified.

John and Amy looked at each other in disbelief before John asked, "How can you have an expensive taste on someone else's dime? Don't you feel you're taking advantage of us here?"


The confrontation resulted in Gina apologizing for her behavior and promising to change. However, months later, Gina was still taking advantage of her friends, so they quietly stopped hanging out with her altogether.

After a few blissful weeks going for delicious dinners without Gina, John and Amy bumped into her while leaving their favorite dinner spot. They were busted, and an argument ensued, and they decided to be frank with her. 

"Listen, we just got tired of always paying for you, so we've been going out without you."

Instead of understanding her friends' viewpoint, Gina became enraged and accused John and Amy of being selfish, terrible friends. Who do you think is in the wrong?

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