March 27, 2021

Story of the Day: Woman Does Not Want to Be the Babysitter at Her Friend's Wedding

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Kate is refusing to be the babysitter at her friend Agatha's wedding. Agatha feels sad about this and is blaming Kate for wanting to ruin her upcoming wedding. 

Kate is a 22-year-old pediatrician and has a natural likeness for kids. She loves to be around them and look after them. She also finds it comforting to play with kids, and she takes every opportunity she gets to do that. 

All her friends and family members knew about her love for kids and always happy to have her around because she seemed to have the antidote for their stubborn or crying kids. 

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Kate did not mind watching over kids, but she did not like it when people took advantage of that to dump their kids on her during events. However, her friend, Agatha, is getting married in the fall.

Agatha asked her if she would watch her son on the day of her wedding. Since Kate had a great connection with the boy, who would be two at the time of the wedding, she agreed to do so. 

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Last month, Agatha and some of her friends invited to the wedding met for lunch and discussed some of the plans. Kate was at work during this meeting and unable to attend. 

During the meeting, Agatha and her other friends decided that since Kate was okay with watching the former's child, she would be okay with watching everyone else's kids too. 

She told Kate that two families were no longer attending the wedding because they were unwilling to pay for daycare.

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Without informing her, they set up a daycare-like area at the wedding venue, where she would watch over the kids during the wedding. Kate did not find out about these arrangements until recently. 

When she did, she was livid and told Agatha she only agreed to watch her child. However, Agatha argued that since Kate likes kids and works in pediatrics, she should find it easy handling seven to ten kids. 

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Kate still disagreed, explaining that she only agreed to watch Agatha's son because it was her wedding. She reasoned that if the other parents were willing to pay her for watching their kids, she would be fine doing it. 

However, Agatha said she did not want to make them pay for something that should be free. Later, she told Kate that two families were no longer attending the wedding because they were unwilling to pay for daycare. 

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She accused Kate of ruining her wedding. Every other person also tells Kate to be nice and help Agatha out because she is stressed enough. What do you think?

Is Kate right to refuse to babysit her friends' children at Agatha's wedding? Do you think she should play nice and just do it anyway or refuse to do so? Kindly share your thoughts.