March 27, 2021

See Unseen Photos Michael Douglas Shared of His 'Romancing the Stone' Co-star Kathleen Turner

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Michael Douglas shared a teaser of the third season of "The Kominsky Method," where he reunites with previous co-star Kathleen Turner.

Michael Douglas has an impressive list of acting credits, which boasts of several films, including his most recent Netflix series, "The Kominsky Method," where he will be working with a familiar face.

The new season of the comedy-drama series comes special for the 76-year-old as he reunites with a previous on-screen partner, Kathleen Turner. The chance to work together once again comes after a long 32 years.

Michael Douglas during the 2017 TCM Classic Film Festival on April 8, 2017. | Source: Getty Images


In a recent Instagram post, Douglas promoted the arrival of "The Kominsky Method's" third season, which is set to premiere May 28 on Netflix. Included was Douglas and Turner's photo, who play husband and wife, having a serious conversation in an evening setting.

"I can't wait for you all to see it!" wrote Douglas at the end of his post. Meanwhile, Douglas' other shots featured scenes together with some of their co-stars, including Sarah Baker and Paul Reiser.

Michael Douglas during the premiere of "Flatliners" at the Ace Theatre on September 27, 2017, in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images


Both Douglas and Turner first had a chance to work together in the romantic comedy "Romancing the Stone." The production was certainly not a walk in the park where the actors had to deal with constant reshoots, altogether with alligators and a lot of mud.

Douglas heavily grounded his early career in film production, creating masterpieces that highlighted societal conditions in a previous era.


Despite all the hardships, the film grossed the eighth-highest that year, even winning a Golden Globe Award for best musical-comedy. After premiering in March of 1984, the movie turned 35 this year.

Douglas was born to a family of celebrity parents, Kirk and Diana. Though already known in the entertainment industry, the "Ant-Man" star shared that his parents' success at that time was not guaranteed.


"I cherish the relationship I had with my father, and I'd love to fulfill the fantasy. But when I was young, he was a working actor and hadn't quite made it yet," shared Douglas as he debunked ideas assuming his instant Hollywood success.


Douglas heavily grounded his early career in film production, creating masterpieces that highlighted societal conditions in a previous era. A few notable films include "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (1975) and "The China Syndrome" (1979).

Apart from working hard to further his career in the industry, Douglas is a family man, married to Catherine Zeta-Jones. Last November, the couple celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.