British Woman Missing from Yacht off the Virgin Islands for over 3 Weeks – FBI Joins the Search

Joe Akins
Mar 29, 2021
12:50 P.M.
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The FBI has joined in the search for a missing British woman who was last seen three weeks ago on a yacht with her American boyfriend. Here is what the media knows so far about the situation.


According to reports, the FBI has joined the search for a missing British woman Sarm Heslop, who vanished from her boyfriend's yacht earlier in March.

A post confirmed that the FBI would be assisting local law enforcement, and the US Virgin Islands Police Department would lead the investigation.

A police patrol car with its flashing lights on. | Photo: Pixabay


Investigations have been ongoing, and Heslop's 44-year-old American boyfriend Ryan Bane has been a subject of interrogation. Bane is reported to have hired a lawyer and has refused to cooperate with authorities.

Although authorities said they were aware of Bane's whereabouts and that of his 47-foot catamaran, the Siren Song, he refused to let them search his yacht.


Heslop was reported missing from the 47-foot catamaran Siren Song, which led to a search of nearby beaches and the waters surrounding St. John Island by the US Coast Guard, police, and local volunteers. 

In his account, Bane claimed that he woke up around 2 AM the day after Heslop disappeared, and he was 100 feet offshore when the anchor alarm alerted him.

Authorities have reportedly investigated different locations she was believed to have visited before her sudden disappearance.


Bane reportedly did not reach out to Coast Guards for hours, and Heslop's long-time friends have said that his story does not add up. Bane and Heslop were said to have had dinner by 10 PM at a local restaurant.

Bane also called the local police at 2:30 AM and was told to call the Coast Guard. It was not until 11:46 AM on Monday that he alerted the Coast Guard.


The manager of the restaurant, 420 to Center, reportedly revealed that some of his workers had been interviewed by local authorities and noted that the couple looked regular and seemed to have been drinking.

Bane has been known to have a record of violence after he was arrested in 2011 and jailed for 21 days for slamming his ex-wife's head on the ground.


Local authorities revealed that the search for Heslop would continue and have appealed for support from residents with valuable information on the possible whereabouts of the missing person.

Authorities have reportedly investigated different locations she was believed to have visited before her sudden disappearance but are yet to come up with anything. Several social media posts have been made regarding Heslop's disappearance with details to identify her.