February 08, 2021

Two FBI Agents Killed While on Duty Serving Warrant for Crimes against Children

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Two FBI Special Agents were shot and killed while performing their duty on February 2 as they attempted to serve a warrant for "crimes against children."

Those in the force are at constant risk for their lives, but the determination and courage to make the country better propels them to face the dangers head-on despite the risks involved, even if it means losing their lives.

The FBI was rocked with the news of the death of two of its Special Agents, Daniel Alfin and Laura Schwartzenberger, on Tuesday, February 2, 2021, after they were shot and killed.

A police patrol car with its flashing lights on. | Photo: Pixabay.


A team of FBI Agents arrived at an apartment complex in Sunrise, Florida, at about 6 am to serve a search warrant when the suspect opened fire, killing Alfin and Schwartzenberger while leaving three others injured.

Although the suspect has not been publicly identified, he turned the gun on himself and was pronounced dead at the scene. Speaking on this, FBI Director Christopher Wray issued a statement:

"Special Agent Alfin and Special Agent Schwartzenberger exemplified heroism today..."


Wray concluded his statement by saying that they would continue to stand by the FBI family and the families of the dearly departed in the days to come, ensuring that every resource is brought to help them get through this.

He drove back to where he had stolen the car and dropped off the little boy.


Alfin, who was 36-year-old, had been a special agent since 2009. He was formerly in charge of major cases at the FBI headquarters in Washington DC. The deceased was married with one child.

Schwartzenberger was 43 and had worked at the FBI field office since 2005. She also specialized in fighting crimes against children. Her husband and two children survive her.


Their death has rocked the entire FBI agency, with FBI Miami Special Agent in Charge, George Piro, saying that they were heroes and their legacy would never be forgotten.

Crime against children is a big offense that is punishable under the law, with those involved looking to spend years in jail if and when they are caught.


Amazingly, a car thief in Oregon proved that he might be a thief but not a child kidnapper in a recent occurrence. The thief had stolen a Honda Pilot car when he discovered a four-year-old in the back seat.

He drove back to where he had stolen the car and dropped off the little boy with his mother while scolding and lecturing her not ever to leave her son in the car again if she was not going to be with him.

Similarly, four kids who went missing for a couple of days were found unarmed after leaving their foster home. The kids were found safe and sound, with the police having to dismiss the abduction case, which they initially thought it was.

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