April 04, 2021

Story of the Day: Man Refuses to Attend His Mom's Birthday

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Michael refused to attend his mother's birthday after discovering that his stepfather discarded his cat when he was much younger. 

When Michael was 14-year-old, his mother and father separated. After the divorce settlement, his mom was granted primary custody of him and his younger siblings, Jane and Fabian. 

A year after his parents separated, Michael's mom remarried. From the onset, Michael and his siblings realized Ben did not like them, and he did not even try to hide it. 

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Ben showed his dislike in some of his actions, like separating his things from theirs in the fridge and not allowing them to touch his things. However, their mom always ensured they had whatever they needed. 

Ben was also super controlling of Michael and his siblings and did not allow their friends to visit them despite it being their mom's house and not his. He also did not allow them to talk in the house, sit on the couch, or go outside. 


Michael was the most stubborn among his siblings. Hence, he always broke Ben's rules and clashed with him several times. At such times, his mother always stepped in, acting as a mediator between them. 

Things continued this way even to this day. Michael and his siblings are now older. Michael is 29, while Jane and Fabian are 23 and 18, respectively. 

The 29-year-old began ruminating over Sasha and wondered all the possible things that could have happened to her.


The siblings still dislike their stepfather, with Fabian, in particular, being so dreadful of him. Whenever they visit their mom, the teenager only tolerates Ben because of her. 

Fabian always argued with Ben. During one of their arguments last month, he revealed that it was Ben who got rid of Michael's cat Sasha when she was missing. 

Michael was caught off-guard on hearing this. He asked Ben if this was true, and he confessed to discarding the cat because he was tired of all the hair she was scattering all over the house. He revealed he took Sasha to a shelter far from their home. 

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Michael lost his temper on hearing this, and his mom tried in vain to calm him down. He discovered she also knew about it and never told him. However, she said she made sure Ben knew how horrible a person he was. 

Michael left the house in anger and told his mom and stepdad he would never speak to them again. He also told her she should not expect him on her 49th birthday. 

The 29-year-old began ruminating over Sasha and wondered all the possible things that could have happened to her. Fabian apologized to him for not telling him earlier. 


He also said their mom was extremely hurt he did not come for her birthday and felt his behavior was immature given that the incident happened many years ago. 

Michael spoke to his mom some days afterward, and she apologized to him but scolded him for shutting her out even on her birthday. 

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Michael is unsure of how to feel about the whole incident. He is in between being emotional about his cat and feeling sorry for not attending his mom's birthday. 

What do you think about Michael's predicament? Was he right not to attend his mom's birthday? Should he forget about the incident and move on? What advice do you have for him? 

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