Story of the Day: Woman Calls the Police on Her Husband

Cathrine Mabvudza
Mar 31, 2021
06:40 P.M.
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What would you do if your own husband stole your car? Would you allow him to get away with it? The woman in today's story of the day decided to call the police.


Jennifer and Tim should have been enjoying their honeymoon phase after being married for only six months, but between Jennifer's hectic medical school schedule and Tim's party lifestyle, the romance had long faded.

Despite his low-paying job, Tim enjoyed living a life above his means, frequenting fancy restaurants and going on monthly road trips with his friends. All the while, Jennifer spent her time studying and saving her money.

Photo of two friends driving. | Source: Pixabay/Bertsz


Jennifer and Tim mostly stayed out of each other's way, but when the time came for Tim to head on another road trip with the boys, things got tense in their household. 

It was time for Tim to drive, and he had neglected to get his car fixed for three months. As he begged Jennifer to let him use her new SVU, he claimed that he didn't have enough money to fix his own car. Jennifer responded:

"You should have fixed your car instead of spending your money dining out with your friends."


Besides, Jennifer couldn't lend him her car because the trip was on the first day of her exams, and she didn't fancy using public transportation because of her compromised immune system. When he pleaded with her to take the bus, she firmly responded:

"I'm not risking my health so you and your boys can have a jolly time."

After hours of back and forth without concluding, the couple went to bed, both sulking and angry, but it was clear that Jennifer's car would not be an option for Tim's upcoming road trip.


A week later, Jennifer left the house early and headed for the University. She parked in the usual student parking spot and rushed into the hall. She was in good spirits when she left the hall, feeling optimistic that she had aced the three-hour paper.

As she was walking towards the parking lot, she noticed her car was missing. "I swear this is where I parked this morning," she told her friend, Gina, while looking in every direction in bewilderment.


After 15 minutes looking around campus, Jennifer began panicking. Her SVU was still brand new, and she was only a few months into her car payments. She couldn't believe her car could be stolen right at the University.

Instinctively, Jennifer took out her phone and called the police to report her stolen car. Her friend later dropped her at the police station, where she made a statement and gave full details of the vehicle.


Within half an hour of leaving the police station, she received a call from the officer on duty, who alerted her that the car had been found an hour out of town. The officer told her:

"Mam, we've picked up your car but the culprit appears to be your husband, a certain Tim Jones plus three other young males."


Jennifer was furious. It hadn't occurred to her that her husband would dare steal her car and cause her so much stress. When Tim eventually got home, he yelled at her for calling the police and ruining his boys trip

Tim had copied her car key behind her back, and she calmly reminded him that he had committed a crime and deserved to be escorted back by the police, no matter how embarrassing it must've been.

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