Daily Joke: There Are Four Clever Dogs

Gracious Egedegbe
Apr 01, 2021
10:40 P.M.
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Four men from different professions each thought their dogs the cleverest in the world. They decided to show off what their dogs could do to end the argument once and for all.


While taking a stroll through Central Park one Saturday morning, four men walking their dogs engaged in an argument over what their dogs could do. 

One of the men was an engineer, the second was an accountant, the third, a chemist, and the fourth, a civil servant. Each claimed his dog was the smartest among all four, forcing the others to disagree.

Man walking with his dog | Photo: Pexels


Eventually, they decided to have a tie-breaker by showing off what each could do. Off they went to commence the challenge.

The engineer kicked off the show, beckoning his dog named T-Square to do his stuff. T-Square obligingly walked over to a desk, produced some writing materials, and expertly drafted a perfect circle, a triangle, and a square on the papers.

The other three were astonished at the dog's geometry prowess, agreeing the dog was indeed clever. However, the accountant still insisted his dog, Slide Rule, could do better.

A photo of three dogs. | Photo: Pexels


Without waiting for comments, he gestured for Slide Rule to prove his cleverness to the others. The obedient dog trotted off to the kitchen and returned minutes later with a dozen cookies.

In the full glare of everyone, the clever dog divided the cookies into four equal parts, with each quarter comprising three cookies. A pretty smart feat for a dog, they all agreed.

The chemist took his turn, calling on his dog, Measure, to impress the rest of the guys. Measure sat up calculatingly, observed everyone present, and went over to the refrigerator without saying a word.


Measure returned with a carton of milk and four 20 ml glasses. The dog poured 18 ml of milk into each glass without spilling a drop and distributed it to each man. That was impressive. They couldn't help but commend the clever canine.

The civil servant was the only one left to show off his dog's clever skills. Yet, he sat still, apparently intimidated by the other three brilliant dogs. When the others jeered him to prove his dog's brilliance, he patted his dog and said:

"Coffee Break, do your thing."


Wagging his tail, Coffee Break jumped to his feet, consumed all the cookies, and drank the milk in each glass. After belching in satisfaction, the dog defecated on T-Square's papers and peed on the paws of the other three dogs.

Right after taking a pee, Coffee Break began groaning in pain, to everyone's surprise, claiming to have injured his back during the bathroom break. Without wasting time, the dog filled a grievance report, alleging unsafe working conditions, and demanded compensation for damages.

Border Collie wearing glasses sitting at a table with his paw on a keyboard. | Photo: Getty Images

After that, Coffee Break trotted home on sick leave, leaving everyone dumbfounded. "That was indeed amazing," they all chorused in disbelief!

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Source: Startsat60