Halle Berry Enjoys a Sweet Mommy Moment in a Rare Photo Hugging Her Kids Nahla & Maceo

Gracious Egedegbe
Apr 05, 2021
10:50 P.M.
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Halle Berry pulled at fans' heartstrings in a new media upload where she shared one of her treasured moments with her kids, Nahla and Maceo, letting followers know those were the moments that counted. 


Hollywood icon Halle Berry and her kids were a lovely trio as they enjoyed some private moments on the beach, and anyone viewing would have realized it was one of the star's most desired moments.

The one-photo post included the snapshot taken from afar as Berry and her bundles of joy sat close to the flowing waters, with their backs turned to the camera. 

Halle Berry in Hollywood, California on October 24, 2012. | Photo: Getty Images


Their faces were kept off the camera, but it was clear they enjoyed each other's company. The trio stayed huddled close to each other as "Kidnap" actress Berry put both of her arms around her babies. She sweetly captioned:

"The moments that matter the most."


In 2017, movie lovers got to see how Berry exhibited the love and protection of a mother in "Kidnap," and it is safe to say that it is with this same energy that she handles real-life motherhood. 

Once in an interview, the star noted that being a mom was the best job ever, and she wanted to make every moment she had with her children count. She added that she wanted to be the mom cheering on their achievements and not tearing up. 

The star actress revealed that she enjoys more bonding moments with the kids; however, she faces some challenges.  


Over the years, Berry has been known for upholding a high level of privacy when it comes to sharing images of her children on social media. She rarely posts them, and when she occasionally does, their faces are mostly out of view. 

The star mom has also taken the flak for her decision a couple of times. One time when she posted a photo of Nahla and Maceo showing only their smiles and body, one fan found it absurd and questioned her. 


The Oscar-winning actress mentioned that she respected boundaries and wanted the kids to decide to post their faces by themselves when they got older.

The star has also shared that while her policy remains private, she would often feel the need to share some of their photos because of those that genuinely cared, which prompted her to post half their faces sometimes. 


So far, being home with her children has been nothing short of blissful. The star actress revealed that she enjoys more bonding moments with the kids; however, she faces some challenges. 

She shared that homeschooling was tedious amid the pandemic, and it was pretty challenging to get her six-year-old son Maceo to study. She eventually finds her way around it each time, and Berry would not have it any other way.