Sheryl Underwood Speaks Out about Her Co-host Sharon Osbourne after Her Exit from 'The Talk'

Gracious Egedegbe
Apr 07, 2021
12:50 P.M.
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"The Talk" co-host Sheryl Underwood has finally spoken about Sharon Osbourne's exit from the show following a heated conversation about racism and revealed she has not spoken to the latter since then. 


For the first time, Sheryl Underwood addressed Sharon Osbourne's exit from "The Talk." Underwood did so during a three-part series on her podcast titled "Sharon Walks Away."

In the podcast, Underwood addressed her and Osbourne's heated on-air conversation last month that led to the show going on an extended hiatus following CBS's investigation into the matter. On March 26, it was announced that Osbourne was leaving the show. 

Sheryl Underwood on "The Talk," on CBS on November 10, 2020. | Photo: Getty Images


During her podcast, Underwood said she has not spoken to Osbourne since their confrontation and also revealed that the latter had not reached out to her directly to apologize. 

Underwood also spoke about Osbourne's claim that the executives set up the conversation for that day and blindsided her. The 57-year-old said she was the moderator and that none of her questions came from a higher hierarchy. 


She explained that before the conversation went awry, she was trying not to frame things in a way that would seem like she was attacking Osbourne. Underwood further said she hates that the whole controversy happened, though she felt it was inevitable and out of her control.

The conservation between the women became emotional, with Osbourne asking Underwood to educate her.


Going forward, the television show co-host is focusing on her goals and "The Talk's" evolution. She also said she still has positive feelings towards Osbourne and her family, though what happened is disappointing to her.

On the March 10 episode of "The Talk," Osbourne defended her friend and British television personality, Piers Morgan who was facing backlash at the time following his controversial statements against Meghan Markle.  


On "Good Morning Britain," Morgan questioned the authenticity of Markle's revelations about her mental health during her and Prince Harry's interview with Oprah Winfrey. 

Osbourne's defense of Morgan led to an intense exchange between her and Underwood, who repelled her co-host's downplaying of Morgan's comments on Markle.  Soon, the women's conversation became emotional, with Osbourne asking Underwood to educate her, warning her not to cry. 

In the days after the heated conversation, Underwood spoke out several times to explain her perspective. She also said she got a good night's sleep after her tense exchange with Osbourne.