April 08, 2021

Daily Joke: Elderly Couple Were Getting a Lot More Forgetful

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Tony and Sunny have been married for 50 years, and every year, they go on a road trip to celebrate their love. On their most recent one, their age somehow showed when they realized they were getting forgetful. 

Tony and Sunny's road trip of the year would take them five long hours to get to their destination. They had prepared everything before they left the house, carrying with them their luggage, hats, glasses, and wallets as they got in their car.

When they were about halfway through with the ride towards their destination, they got hungry. They decided to stop at a roadside restaurant to have lunch.


After they were satisfied with their meals, they hurriedly left the restaurant and continued on with their trip. The happy couple sang along to the songs on the radio before Tony asked Sunny to read the GPS to see if they were headed in the right direction. 

Unfortunately, Sunny realized she left her glasses on the table of the restaurant when she was looking for them in her bag. She only realized this when they were about 40 minutes away from their pit stop.


To add to their frustration, they traveled a little bit longer for them to be able to turn around and return to the restaurant to get her glasses back. 

As he was driving back, Tony ended up getting grumpy for having to go all the way back. He nagged his wife the entire time. In fact, he was so irritated at having to go back to the restaurant that their ride became uncomfortable. 


Sunny, having heard the end of it from Tony, was relieved when they finally arrived back at the restaurant. As the woman got out of the car, she hurried towards the entrance before her husband called her attention:

"While you're in there, would you mind getting my hat and the credit card?"


While Tony and Sunny have been married for 50 years, another couple named Fred and Mary just got married. Unfortunately, they didn't have any money for their honeymoon, so they slept in Fred's parents' house to sleep after their wedding. 

Fred has a little brother named Johnny who got up in the morning to have his breakfast. Before leaving for school, he asked his mom about the couple and whether or not they were awake yet. 

When Johnny asked his mom if she wanted to know what he thinks about them still sleeping, she refused and told him to go to school. When he returned home for lunch, he asked once again if his mom wanted to know his thoughts. 


A little boy jumping on a puddle while playing outdoors | Photo: Pexels

Once again, his mom said no. By the time he got home and went back down for breakfast the next day, he still posed the same question to his mom. Fed up, his mom agreed once and for all to listen to what he had to say. 

It turns out, Fred borrowed vaseline from Johnny on the first night, but he had accidentally given his brother airplane glue instead.