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Deputies Find Missing 4-Month-Old Baby Alive In Michigan Woods — Here Are the Details

Olawale Ogunjimi
Apr 12, 2021
08:50 A.M.
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Shocking revelations unraveled as deputies of the Oakland Sheriff's Office found a missing four-month-old boy wet but alive in the woods of Michigan.


It is believed that there are some unexplainable situations that many people, religious or not, may label as a miracle. The story from the Oakland Sheriff's Office is one such case.

It involved a missing infant who fought to stay alive against the adverse circumstances he faced. This happened in a wooded area around Orion Township Creek.

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 A few hours after the rescue mission happened, information concerning the experience was detailed via a Facebook post from the Oakland County Sheriff's Office's page.

Its content explained that a four-month-old child was discovered close to Waldon and Joslyn roads. The baby was found in wet clothes, lying on his stomach, and in a hypothermic state.


As soon as the deputies found the young lad, they undressed him and clothed him in warm blankets before rushing the child to St. Joseph Mercy—a hospital in the area, for treatment and continued watch.

A word from Sheriff Michael Bouchard explained  that the authorities were thankful for the heads up from residents of the area, which "triggered an immediate large response and search."


He added that the law enforcement's swiftness in handling the situation produced a positive outcome. The Oakland Sheriff's Office dispatched some officers after two emergency calls were forwarded.

Two neighbors complained about a lone woman who hid in the bush and occasionally pressed their doorbell. This disturbing lady, 37, was frantic, and she informed the residents that her life was in danger because an armed individual was chasing her.


Another report from Waldon Middle School reached the deputies. An allegation stated that the same person punched the locked doors of the school.

The law enforcement officials later got a hold of her and began questioning the woman. They confirmed the stories shared by the other residents about her fears.


However, the deputies understood that the 37-year-old had a baby boy. They examined the mother, who had dirt on her pants, signifying that she must have stayed in the woods.

This was when 13 Sheriff's patrol, the Sheriff's K-9 unit, and drones were dispatched in search of the missing child. They discovered the infant within thirty minutes and maintained that it was hard to tell how long he had been there for.

Still, meeting him alive in such a condition has been referred to as "a miracle!" Authorities opined that the story might be linked to prescription drug abuse and are seeking to process a warrant for the mother's arrest over child abuse.