Steve Harvey Shows His Swag Dressed in a Matching White Jacket & Pants — See Chic Photos

Dayna Remus
Apr 24, 2021
10:20 A.M.
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Whether it's his public or personal life, Steve Harvey knows how to live in style, and this is no different when it comes to his sense of fashion. 


Steve Harvey took to social media to share a post full of swag. In these chic pictures, the television presenter and actor donned a matching white jacket and pants to go. 

Harvey posed without a care in the world. In the first snapshot, he faced the camera frontwards, while in the second one, he stood with his back to the lens. 

Steve Harvey signing copies of his book on January 19, 2011 in Washington. | Photo: Getty Images



In the first photo, Harvey looked off into the distance, his eyes partially closed, holding a tobacco cigarette in one hand and blowing smoke out of his mouth. One of the followers commented

"You need to help direct my wardrobe bro Steve lol."

There were dark blue, almost lightning-like patterns running throughout the whole ensemble. His collar stuck up while he wore a sleek buttoned-up white shirt underneath his jacket.



His shoes matched his outfit; bold light blue ice sneakers. He held his hand in his one pocket, adding even more to the cool ambiance exuding from him and the snapshot in general. 

[Michael] Jordan has been dating Harvey's daughter, Lori Harvey.

The comment section was taken aback by the swag look of the comedian, commenting on how incredibly cool he looked. The post received just under 300,000 likes in total. 



This is not Harvey's first runaround; he tends to have a general knack for style and swagger. Near the end of last year, he posted a picture of himself wearing a fashionable outfit while in Dubai.

The celebrity donned some black sunglasses, complete with suave pants tied around his waist. Once again, he looked off into the distance, giving off a regal feel. 



No matter how unbothered and cool one may be, we all slip up sometimes and embarrass ourselves. Speaking about the time he announced the wrong winner at the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant, he expressed

"It was a painful a-- night there, dog. I didn't know the pain I was in." 

However, he managed to keep his cool on "Family Feud." During the show, one of the questions was "Name something that Harvey has more than one of"; one of the answers was "Bloopers/Misread Cards."



When one stylish guy meets another stylish guy, they are bound to get along. This is exactly what happened when Harvey met Michael B. Jordan, although the host was resistant at first. 

Jordan has been dating Harvey's daughter, Lori Harvey, and, as a protective father, the comedian said he didn't want to like him. However, he admitted that he couldn't help but like Lori's new lover.