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Anonymous Donor Gives Money to an Animal Shelter and Paid the Adoption Fees for All the Dogs

Busayo Ogunjimi
Apr 21, 2021
08:50 P.M.
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A kind donor who chose to remain anonymous put a smile on the faces of all the dogs in a local animal shelter by paying for their adoption fees.


Like humans, furry friends are also in need of a good samaritan who would see that life is good and fun for them. Recently, all the dogs at a local animal shelter had their prayers answered.

A donor who chose to go old fashion and remained anonymous paid the fees for all the dogs at Daytona Beach, Florida, shelter. The donor is said to have earned from a recent rise in the cryptocurrency market and decided to put some of them to good use.

A photo of a man smiling and holding his dog and his phone. | Photo: Getty Images


The kind stranger put some funds toward the adoption fees of dogs that were currently ready to be adopted from Halifax Humane Society. The donor was dubbed Doge Community, and his act of kindness has warmed many hearts.

The Halifax Humane Society shared the good news on their social media page. They expressed their gratitude for the unique act of kindness alongside some beautiful pictures of the dogs.

A woman with her dog. | Photo: Shutterstock


Halifax Humane Society Community Outreach Director Barry Kukes noted in an interview that the donor’s life had been changed by a wise investment she made, and it was important she affected the lives of others.

The value of the Dogecoin skyrocketed after billionaire Elon Musk made a tweet that referenced the popular cryptocurrency. The tweet went viral and soon became the next big thing.

It got its name from a funny meme and suddenly has found its way to become the fifth-largest cryptocurrency in 2021.


Kukes revealed that the timing of the donation was not just magical but perfect. He explained that the shelter had just taken in over 40 dogs from dog fighting rings and could not take in more.

Following the donation from the anonymous friend of the furry friends, the facility now has some room to take in more animals and provide them the care they deserve.


The shelter also added that the payment would only affect dogs ready for adoption at the time he made the anonymous donation. Interested people would still need to be vetted.

The donor’s act of kindness led to a spike in people’s interest in dodge coins. Since the news was shared, more people have indicated an interest in understanding this particular coin that cares for fur babies.


The coin is just another cryptocurrency like the more popular Bitcoin or Ethereum. It got its name from a funny meme and suddenly has found its way to become the fifth-largest cryptocurrency in 2021. 

Alongside the spiked interest in cryptocurrency, there has also been a rise in animal safety awareness. A $4,500 reward was recently offered by The Humane Society of Vero Beach & Indian River County for information that would lead to an arrest for animal abuse.

The rate of animal abuse has increased in recent months, and authorities are on the lookout for such cases and have advised the public to corporate by providing quality information.