Man Rushed to Rescue His Wife as She Was Being Attacked by a Rabid Bobcat — Details Revealed

Laura Beatham
Apr 25, 2021
02:20 P.M.
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A man rushed to rescue his wife from a rabid bobcat that attacked her in their driveway. The whole incident was caught on the couple's security cameras. 


A couple, Happy and Kristi Wade, dealt with a very hairy situation this month. The morning started out as normal until a rabid bobcat entered their property and attacked Kristi. 

The couple's security camera's captured the attack, and the video has been shared on social media. The Wades also spoke to 9 News about their ordeal and the aftermath. 

Kristi and Happy Wade pictured discussing their bobcat ordeal with 9 News. | Photo: Youtube/9news


In the video, Happy exited their home and walked towards the driver's seat of their car while he carried a plate of brownies. He then greeted a neighbor who was jogging down their street. 

On the other side of the car, Kristi heard a deep growl and walked back to see if she could see what was making the noise. However, at the same moment, a bobcat ran toward her and bit her hand. Kristi explained the moment:

"I knew it was a cat because I know what a cat sounds like, but it sounded like a very angry cat."


Kristi then tried to walk between the cars to get to the road as the bobcat climbed up her back. Her husband then came to her rescue and ran toward her as she was bitten by the animal. 

Happy explained that he could see the animal was trying to bite Kristi's neck. He forced his arm in between the cat and Kristi and pulled the animal off of her. He then lifted it above his head to create space between himself and the animal. 

Later, law enforcement killed it, and tests confirmed that it did have rabies.


In the video, Happy lifted the animal above his head and then realized what it was as he can be heard exclaiming that it was a bobcat. He then threw the animal away from him as their neighbor ran over to help. 

Happy, who grew up in Eastern North Carolina and has hunted all his life, knew something was not right with the animal when he realized it was a bobcat. He explained to the news outlet:

"I knew it had to have something, and so I figured it was rabies."


He threw the animal as he thought that either it would run and find an escape route, or it would stop, and he would be able to shot it. The cat ran towards the house, and Happy can be seen holding his handgun.

Happy shot and wounded the animal. Later, law enforcement killed it, and tests confirmed that it did have rabies. Kristi and Happy were both treated for serious illness and received over 30 injections. 


Happy admitted that he did not take any pleasure in killing the animal, but he would have felt morally guilty if the animal had hurt more people as it had already attacked two people. 

The couple loves animals. They had been on their way to take one of their two cats to the vet when the incident occurred. They also serve on the board of the Pender County Humane Society Golf Tournament.

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