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Woman Has Been Waking Up Every Day at 4 am for 10 Years to Help Rescue Stray Dogs

Dayna Remus
Apr 29, 2021
04:50 P.M.
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There are some cruel individuals out there who wouldn't think twice about abandoning their pets. Luckily, there are some animal lovers who sometimes save the day - or the dog. 


Judy Obregon is certainly passionate about animals - particularly dogs. This kind woman has been waking up at 4 am every day for 10 years in a row to rescue stray dogs. 

Every morning while out on her early drive to Echo Lake, Obregon emotionally prepares herself for finding another stray. Sadly, the area has become a hot spot for dog abandonment. 

Labrador puppy looking upwards. | Source: Shutterstock



Obregon wakes up at the crack of dawn to catch them before they run off and get lost. She is passionate about her rescue missions, tearfully expressing:

"It's something I'll continue until I know I don't have to go."

When she drives up to the abandoned dog or puppy, they are almost always full of fear. However, they eventually calm down, almost as if they realize they are being rescued. 



The dogs aren't always easy to find. Sometimes, Obregon explains that their previous owners leave them in crates and spaces where they are completely concealed. 

Obregon is the President and Founder of "The Abandoned Ones" rescue center.

Once she finds the dogs, she doesn't simply go home. Rather she makes a quick stop somewhere and sits in the car with them, spending time and cuddling to help them relax.

Judy Obregon spending time with a rescued dog | Source: Facebook/The Dodo



Sometimes those who leave these poor creatures out to dry get caught. Taking to her phone's video camera, a woman confronted another individual who was abandoning her four dogs, explaining to them: 

"You can drop them off as strays at ACS,  Animal Care Services, and it's free."

She chose not to listen to the onlooker's pleas, driving off while gifting her with a not-so-nice hand signal. Luckily, the four dogs were found, and the deserter eventually turned herself in.

Judy Obregon crying. | Source: The Dodo



Some situations aren't always so black and white. Earlier this year, someone took to Reddit, asking if her decision to give away her dog after her baby was born made her a bad person.  

She explained that she loved the dog, always defending its bad habits from her family members, which it had bitten. However, since she had given birth, she began to feel differently. 

Rescue dog at its new family's house. | Source: The Dodo

Obregon is the President and Founder of "The Abandoned Ones" rescue center. If you, by chance, live in the city of Forthworth in Texas, the organization is looking and open to receiving supplies and donations. 

This includes collars, leashes, dog beds, all sizes of crates, and dog toys, to name a few. You can also donate to the organization online via PayPal.