Daily Joke: The Story of a Poor Blonde Flying In a Two-Seater Plane

Christell Fatima M. Tudtud
Apr 28, 2021
06:30 A.M.
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What would you do to calm down a person on a crashing plane? Check out what an air traffic controller says to a blonde lady in this hilarious joke.


One fine morning, Criselda, an adventure-seeking blonde, boards a two-seater plane. There is no other passenger besides her and the pilot.

Criselda, who is on her way to a private island, sits next to the pilot. As the plane flies smoothly in the air, she notices the pilot suddenly groaning and clutching his chest.

A woman admiring the vast land. | Photo: Pixabay


It dawns on Criselda that the pilot is having a heart attack. Other than asking him repeatedly if he is okay, she doesn't know what else to do.

The pilot then stops twitching, and his head falls to one side. Criselda realizes he is dead and no one is in control of the plane. She starts to panic.

A pilot flying a plane. | Photo: Pixabay


While crying hysterically, she tries desperately to discover a way to survive. She sees the pilot's radio and realizes what she needs to do. Criselda yells into it:

"May Day! May Day! My pilot is dead, and I don't know how to fly this plane!"

The desperate blonde begs the person on the other end of the line to help her. After a short moment of silence, a voice crackles over the radio.


The man on the other line introduces himself, saying he is the air traffic controller and Criselda should follow his lead. In the calmest voice possible, he tells Criselda to relax. 

The man on the radio assures Criselda she will be okay and asks her where she is seated on the plane. The woman says she is in the front seat.

"Okay," the man then says, followed by a moment of silence. Criselda waits for his instruction. The man then says, "Repeat after me: Our Father... Who art in Heaven..."


That's totally unexpected! Here's a joke about another blonde woman who trains at a flight school. One day, Anna, the pilot-in-training, asks the head instructor if she can try the helicopter.

With hesitation, the head instructor allows her to take the helicopter. Anna's flight is going smoothly until she ascends to over 3,000 feet. The head instructor is horrified to see the helicopter crash.


Luckily, Anna survives. A rescuer asks her what happened during her flight, and she replies: "It got so cold after reaching 3,000 feet so I turned off the big fan."

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