Texas Man Suspected of Killing His Mother and Sister Arrested While Trying to Board a Flight

Dayna Remus
Apr 30, 2021
06:55 A.M.
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With an alleged history of mental health issues, 20-year-old Texas man Burak Hezar was apprehended by the DFW Airport police and charged with capital murder. 


A man accused of murder was apprehended by police while trying to get on a plane. The victims, his mother Isil Borat (51) and sister Burcu Hezar (17) were found dead at the scene. 

The local police department said that a disruption in the late hours of the morning was reported, which they responded to. The disturbance was located at the 1800 block of Nueces Drive in Allen. 

Police officers standing outside a house. | Photo: Getty Images



Allen district officials released a statement regarding the crime, stating that they were deeply saddened. In their own words, they affirmed

"The Allen ISD family is heartbroken upon learning of the death of Burcu Hezar and her mother."

Continuing, the district referred to the incident as tragic. They expressed that they would keep Borat and Burcu close to their minds and hearts. 



After the officers concluded that 20 year old Burak was the suspect, they found that he was not at the scene when they appeared. He had already fled, trying to board a plane at DWF airport heading for San Franciso. 

He purportedly and recently spent time in custody based on a warrant for mental health.



Members of the community are mourning the death of the two ladies, with friends of 17-year-old Burcu, who attended Allen High School, expressing their disbelief over her passing, one expressing

"There was no way you could hate her."

The suspect, who allegedly stabbed his victims to death, is now being held at Collin County Jail with $2 million bail.  He has been charged with multiple accounts of capital murder.



There has been implied speculation that Burak's alleged mental health issues could have played a part. His attorney said that the accused's dad had informed him of these issues. 

He purportedly and recently spent time in custody based on a mental health warrant. The local police department said they have no records of this occurring. 


Another woman, who has recently been arrested and accused of murder, also allegedly took a family member's life via stabbing. In this case, it was Penny Short Hartle's five-year-old daughter.

It was also claimed that Hartle suffered from mental health issues, but no connection has been made to the murder. The shocking incident occurred shortly after her daughter Caroline Rose Cagle's 5th birthday.

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