Georgia Woman Killed by Her Boyfriend, Who Then Killed Himself

Dayna Remus
May 01, 2021
03:10 A.M.
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The GBA is launching an investigation into a possible suicide and homicide after finding a man accused of murdering his girlfriend dead outside his house after having shot himself. 


A Georgia woman, Kira Ammons (41), was killed by her boyfriend, James David Mathis (38), who then proceeded to kill himself. This was according to bystanders who told police that it was him. 

On Sunday, April 25, 2021, the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, which is located in Ammons' area, was asked to aid the investigation. They notified Putnam County Office which is based where Mathis lived. 

Police officers standing outside a house. | Photo: Getty Images



Putnam County Officers proceeded to Mathis' house, where the suspect was eventually found by law enforcement on the outskirts of his house. He had a wound that he had imposed on himself via gunfire. 

He said that she would always come to watch him and his friends play football while cheering for both sides.

Since the incident, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office has asked for the GBI's aid in investigating possible suicide. Both the alleged victim and suspect are to be taken to a crime lab for autopsies.



Before finding Mathis, when law enforcement initially arrived at the house, they noted the sound of gunfire. The deputies did not retaliate to the subsequent shots fired, Putnam Sheriff Howard Sills stating

"He greeted them with gunfire."

Before this, the officers were endeavoring to try to communicate with the suspect who managed to hit a patrol vehicle surrounding the area, but no officers were injured. 



After the alleged homicide, Syreeta Manning took to Facebook, expressing her heartbreak over the death of Ammons. She posted pictures of Ammons, writing

"Lord have Mercy Kira Ammons you didn’t deserve that."

Continuing, she turned to her faith, asking Jesus to look after Ammons. She also asked the higher power to comfort the purported homicide victim's family. 



A childhood friend of Ammons expressed his condolences, expressing that he has fond memories of her from their childhood. Phillip Marks Sr. described her as a type of non-biological sister when they were younger. 

He said that she would always come to watch him and his friends play football while cheering for both sides. He added that he was in complete shock when he received the news. 


Recently, two other women were also purportedly killed by a close male in their lives. A Texan man allegedly stabbed his mother and sister to death, subsequently trying to board a flight to San Franciso.

The suspect is being held at Collin County Jail. His bail stands at $2 million, and he has been charged with multiple accounts of capital murder. 

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. Other international suicide helplines can be found at

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