Story of the Day: Man's Girlfriend Asks Him to Sleep With Her Twin Sister

Manuela Cardiga
May 04, 2021
07:30 A.M.
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A man is stunned when his girlfriend of two years whom he loves deeply asks him to have sex with her identical twin.


University student Jack had been dating Eva for two years and he was very much in love. Eva was everything he'd ever dreamed of in a woman. She wasn't just beautiful, she was kind, loving, and supportive -- the perfect woman.

One night, after what had been a perfect evening of lovemaking, Eva stunned Jack with an unconventional request that put their entire relationship in question and made him wonder about what kind of a woman she is.

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Jack was holding Eva when she suddenly asked him if he'd do her a favor. Would he be willing to have sex with her identical twin sister Ava? Jack was speechless.

Eva went on to explain that her sister had always been attracted to Jack. Since Ava was going through a tough period in her life and suffering from low self-esteem, Eva felt it would be a healing experience for her.

All Jack would have to do is pretend he was making love to Eva, and lavish love and attention on Ava. It would be a one-time thing, Eva explained, and she wouldn't be present.


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Eva had told her sister that Jack was a wonderful lover, and Ava had confessed that she found him very attractive too, and had even fantasized about him.



While other men might have titillated by the "permission" to have sex with another woman, Jack was shocked. He loved Eva, and her request made him question how well he knew her.

Her "favor" upset every idea he held about Eva and made him wonder if he knew her at all. The confused Jack confided in his best friends but they were far from being helpful.

Jack's friends were excited with his revelation but in the wrong way. They could think of nothing better than having their girlfriend not only approve but ask them to have sex with another woman.

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They thought that the fact that it was Eva's identical twin made the idea even more thrilling and rather kinky. They even suggested that Jack should try to get Eva and Ava into bed together.

But Jack could see nothing exciting or sexy about the whole idea. It only raised doubts and confusion in his mind. Didn't Eva love him? The idea of sharing her with another man horrified him.

Eva not only seemed not to mind the idea of him making love to another woman, but she was also asking him to go to bed with her own sister to "cheer her up" and build her self-esteem. It was all too much for Jack.


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Jack started thinking of the aftermath of the whole adventure. He would forever have doubts about Eva's love for him, and how would their relationship suffer? She might always be imagining he was thinking about her sister in intimate moments.


And how would Ava herself react? Would she forget their intimacy, or would it create awkwardness and destroy what had been a pleasant relationship between Jack and his girlfriend's twin?

Jack even started considering bringing the relationship to an end. He realized how much he truly loved Eva. What might at one stage in his life have been a sexual adventure to brag about was now something not to be considered.

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Jack knew that the reason was his love for Eva, and the doubts he now felt about her feelings for him. He put himself in her shoes: he would never in a million years ask a woman he loved to sleep with another man. Never.

He started to wonder if the fact that it was her identical twin might be the reason for Eva's apparent happy attitude about the whole idea. Ava was Eva's identical twin, and the two women were unusually close, even for sisters.

Jack had witnessed them sharing clothes and makeup, and finishing each other's sentences as if they were extensions of the same person -- which in a way they were.


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Identical twins are genetically identical, but Jack had quickly realized the two girls had very different personalities and interests. Eva was softer, more feminine, while Ava was more energetic and loved sports.


No, they were very different once one looked past the physical similarity, two very different women and Jack loved only one of them. Jack received a short phone call from Eva asking him to meet her.

Jack met Eva at the love university pub, wondering why she was choosing a public place instead of his apartment or her dorm room. Maybe she was going to break up with him and wanted lots of people around so he wouldn't make a scene.

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Maybe asking him to sleep with her sister had made Eva realize she didn't love Jack. Jack walked into the pub anticipating the worse, and his first glimpse of Eva's white face and reddened eyes did nothing to ease his anxiety.

Jack sat down, and immediately Eva started pouring her heart out. She was devasted by the idea that Jack would actually sleep with her sister. She was horrified to think that she couldn't object since she had proposed the idea.

The whole thing has begun, she explained, when she and Ava were talking about their sex lives. Ava and Eva were unusually open about the details of their relationships, as maybe only twins would be.


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Eva had told her sister that Jack was a wonderful lover, and Ava had confessed that she found him very attractive too, and had even fantasized about him. The two girls had laughed about it, but the theme had kept cropping up.


Again and again, Ava had jokingly mentioned sleeping with Jack, and wondering if he would be able to tell the difference. Eva had eventually asked her if she was serious, and Ava replied that she'd thought about it as a possibility.

Eva had never been able to deny her sister anything, and the idea of letting her sleep with Jack, after so many repetitions, started to feel "normal" and even inevitable. 

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The crunch came after Eva had made the suggestion to Jack, who had agreed to think about it. That was when it became real to Eva, and the reality was very disagreeable.

Images of her sister and Jack haunted Eva and she realized that she wasn't willing to share him with anyone, not even her beloved twin sister. But how could she tell him not to sleep with Ava when it had been her suggestion?

Didn't Jack love her? If he did, how could he bear to be with Ava? Eva had spent days wrestling with the problem and crying, hiding her fears and her conflict from Jack and Ava. 


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Jack listened to her story with a glad heart. Eva did love him. Jack quickly reassured Eva that he had been struggling with the same doubts and that the incident had made him realize how much he loved her.


The conversation cleared up the misunderstanding, but still left one thorny problem: how to tell Ava. Jack and Eva called Ava and arranged to meet later that day to talk things through.

Eva confessed to Jack that she was deeply in love with him and that perhaps her sister had felt less a part of her life. Maybe her crush on Jack was a way she had found to stay close to Eva.

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Eva was determined to talk to her sister and explain that she loved Jack too much to share him, but that it didn't mean that she loved Ava less. They were sisters and nothing could divide them.

Jack was worried that Ava would be a lot less friendly to him once she realized how serious the relationship between him and Eva was. In the end, it all worked out for the best.

Ava confessed that she too had been having second thoughts about the "adventure" she and Eva had dreamed up. She and Jack remained good friends, and the frank talk cleared the air between the sisters,

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