Daily Joke: Three Nuns Commit Sins and Go to Confession

Joe Akins
May 05, 2021
11:30 P.M.

Three nuns told a priest they were going to commit a sin each. Afterward, they came back to him to say their confession so he could bless them.


Three nuns in a convent went to their priest and told him they would commit one sin each. The priest said okay and asked them to go and sin, adding that he will bless them when they come back.

The nuns went, committed their sins, and returned to the priest for confessions and blessings. The priest asked the first nun, who was laughing, what sin she committed.

A picture of three nuns walking together | Photo: pixabay

A picture of three nuns walking together | Photo: pixabay

She said she made love to a guy. The priest said okay and blessed her. He asked her to drink some holy water, and she did as instructed.

The second nun was laughing even harder, prompting the priest to ask her what sin she had committed. She said she got into a fight with another nun. The priest blessed her and asked her to drink some holy water, which she did.


The third nun could hardly control her laughter as she burst out laughing. The priest asked her what sin she committed. Still laughing, she said:

"I pissed in the holy water!"



A little boy in the church needed to go to the bathroom. So, he told his mom he had to piss. His mother corrected him and told him not to mention the word piss while in church.

The mother added that he should say "whisper" the next time he needed to use the toilet because it is a more polite word to use.

The following Sunday, the little boy went to church with his father and they sat next to each other. This time around, his mom was absent.

Once more, he was pressed and needed to go to the bathroom, so he told his father he had to whisper. His father replied: "OK. Here, whisper in my ear."

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