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Personal Facts about June Diane Raphael — Husband, Mother's Death, Postpartum Depression, And More

Edduin Carvajal
May 07, 2021
07:00 A.M.
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Actress and comedian June Diane Raphael shares two sons with her husband, Paul Scheer. She dealt with postpartum depression, which worsened when her mother died.


Born in January 1980, Raphael had an “idyllic” childhood in Long Island, New York, with her public school teacher, mother, and steamfitter father. She said that while her parents were not artists, they valued storytelling.

One of the things they would do was take her to Broadway shows, which is not that common for children growing up outside of Manhattan, Raphael explained.

Paul Scheer and June Diane Raphael on September 17, 2018 in Los Angeles, California | Photo: Getty Images



The actress pointed out that her parents were very supportive of her career choice, and it became evident when she decided to pursue acting even though she had a very promising basketball career.

Raphael was so good that she could have gotten a scholarship and probably attend an Ivy League school. Still, and while her basketball career was important for her dad, nobody tried to dissuade her from her acting dreams.


Eventually, Raphael attended NYU and made her TV debut in 2002. After working in “Human Giant” and “Unfinished Business,” the actress co-wrote and starred in “[Expletive] Backwards,” proving just how talented she is.

At the moment, June Diane Raphael is married to fellow actor and comedian Paul Scheer and portrays Brianna Hanson in the comedy series “Grace and Frankie.”



Raphael and Scheer’s romance does not include that love-at-first-sight cliché. They met in January 2004 when the artistic director of a Manhattan theater brought him in to help Raphael and her writing partner improve their show.

According to Scheer, his now-wife completely ignored him. The actress claims she doesn’t remember that, but she eventually took him to lunch to thank him for his help. During that date, Scheer ordered just water.


June Diane Raphael and Paul Scheer were dating other people at the time, but after going out dancing to 80s music with some friends, they walked home together, and she kissed him once they reached her apartment.

They tied the knot at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History in 2009 and welcomed their first son, August, in May 2014. Sam, their second child, joined the brood in 2016.

Raphael’s mom dealt with postpartum depression, too.



While Raphael has had a pretty successful life and career, she has gone through some rough patches. At 27, her career was flourishing, with people paying attention to her acting and writing work.

Unfortunately, her mother suddenly died that same year (2007), and she was in “complete shock” for “a year and a half.” Seven years later, Raphael’s first son was born, and she dealt with postpartum depression.


The actress admitted she had always imagined that having a kid would make her miss her mom as a grandparent to her child. With August’s birth, though, she realized she was actually missing her mom as a mother to herself. Raphael added:

“I stare at my own son. And I see my mother staring back at me, her red hair shining bright. I see my father’s jawline, my husband’s lips, my eyes.”

Raphael’s mom dealt with postpartum depression, too. She told the actress she “felt gray” for three months. Fortunately, it all disappeared suddenly one day at their home’s kitchen.


June Diane Raphael’s husband has always been by her side. The actress once joked that they’d been together for “too long,” later adding that it was actually something to be proud of.

Paul Scheer pointed out that a couple needs to have space at work and home, and they have that. He also admitted to being Raphael’s biggest fan, so they have proven that love can stand the test of time even in Hollywood.


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