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Story of the Day: My Dying Wife Wished For Me to Find My Old Flame Whom I Hadn't Seen in 40 Years

Bettina Dizon
May 06, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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Today’s #storyoftheday is about a scientist who experienced multiple tragedies in his life, but in the end, reconnected with his one true love.


Floyd is a renowned scientist in the field of biology, researching developmental studies involving stem cells. He grew up in New Zealand, where both his parents were from and spent most of his years as a young adult in the said country.

With the flourishing path of his career as a biologist, the university he worked for offered Floyd a fully-sponsored stay in the US to continue his research at an institute that could support his resource needs.



The acclaimed scientist took the offer in a heartbeat, knowing that it was going to be an opportunity that would change his life. Little did he know that it wasn’t only his career that would take on a significant change.

On his first day as a researcher in the California Biology Institute, Floyd had an orientation with other newly hired professionals. Still, he ended up late as he had trouble sleeping the night before. He quietly entered, went to the closest seat, and sat down.

The person next to him noticed his panting and gently asked him if he was alright. At this moment, Floyd got caught off guard, seeing Janet for the first time. He stuttered but managed to give a smile and say everything was fine.


Janet quietly brought Floyd up to speed on everything he had missed as they both tried to finish the orientation together. Grateful for the big assist on his first day, Floyd didn’t want to pass up on the opportunity to get to know Janet more.

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He asked her out for a drink after research hours, and it was smooth sailing from there. Floyd and Janet clicked on the very first night they hung out. Janet was also in the field of biology, researching various topics related to neuroscience.

They became each other’s solace in life at the university, finding inspiration in each other’s work. Outside of their careers, the pair frequently went to the cinemas, theme parks and experienced all the great spots in California.

During one of the university-sponsored research trips, the couple’s romance flourished as they got to see the world together as they pursued their career. Everything was simply a mesh of all things they yearned for.


Floyd’s kids were very friendly with Ellie and found it easy to get comfortable with everyone.

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Floyd was keen on living a life with Janet beyond their years in the university. He knew that there would be great opportunities for Janet to continue her work in New Zealand, and so he had asked her to move back home with him, where they could eventually settle down.

However, Janet wasn’t too convinced by this plan. She loved Floyd and wanted to make plans together for the future but, moving to another country just wasn’t in her plans, and she felt like everything she’d set out for her path in California will all be put to waste.

This was the moment that Floyd and Janet decided to call things off. They knew they loved each other, but both wanted different things at that point in their life. Despite the breakup, they remained connected and on good terms.



Nearly a decade into their careers, both Floyd and Janet met multiple breakthroughs in their research, paving their way into stardom in their respective fields. At this point, Floyd was happily married to his wife, Samantha.


Floyd and Samantha shared two kids and lived happily in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Wellington. Unfortunately, a few years later, Samantha was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer in its most advanced stages.

Her condition degenerated within a year and passed on, leaving Floyd with their two kids. Floyd was relatively young when he lost Samantha, and he managed to move on and find love in his life with one of his closest friends, Evelyn.

They welcomed a daughter together, and they lived peacefully as a blended family of five with Floyd’s other children. A few years later, Floyd found himself in the same devastating position after losing Evelyn to a fatal car crash. Floyd stood his ground strong and vowed to raise his kids the best way he can.


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Given that it wasn’t Floyd’s first time losing someone very dear to his heart, he and his second wife, Evelyn, once shared a conversation about how they would like things to be should anything happen to the other.


They both agreed that they should find the courage to move on and find love once again. They loved each other so much that they wanted to make sure they would never be alone should any unfortunate events come.

It was in these moments that Floyd remembered Janet. They had a very healthy relationship in the past, and both of Floyd’s late wives heard stories about her. She was never perceived as an antagonist to anyone’s story but rather a special piece that they’ve all come to accept.



Floyd took his chances on finding Janet on the web and immediately got the opportunity to connect with her on Instagram. Floyd messaged her, and Janet quickly responded.

Both could not manage their emotions, seeing that they haven’t seen each other in almost two decades. Times had changed, and they looked way different from their prime years.

Floyd noticed that many of Janet’s photos were taken in New Zealand and wanted to ask if she was visiting. It was then that he discovered that she had moved to New Zealand a while back, continuing her work in a close-by city.


Janet had settled down with a local but also lost him years prior to a terminal illness. The ex-couple reconnected instantly and found themselves doing the same things they loved back when they were still in California.



At that time, Janet was a mother to one daughter, Ellie, while Floyd was a father-of-three. The two decided to have a get-together and introduced their kids to one another. Floyd’s kids were very friendly with Ellie and found it easy to get comfortable with everyone.

They spent the early evening eating at one of the most prestigious restaurants in the capital. Afterward, they took a relaxing evening walking through the park and just enjoying the cool breeze.

Both Floyd and Janet watched their children chatter and fool around in the park. They both smiled at the moment, to which Floyd made a gentle remark saying: “This could work.” Janet smiled and simply hugged Floyd from behind in response.


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