Daily Joke: A Doctor Has a Cure for All Diseases

Afouda Bamidele
May 10, 2021
06:00 P.M.

Today’s #jokeoftheday is about a Chinese doctor who claimed he has a cure for all diseases, but a lawyer was hell-bent on proving him wrong and calling him out as a fraud.


After a successful education and practice in China, a doctor migrated to the United States, searching for greener pastures. Unfortunately, he struggled to get a job at a prestigious hospital.

A photo of an Asian doctor. | Photo: Shutterstock

A photo of an Asian doctor. | Photo: Shutterstock


After months of searching for a job, the doctor decided to take his destiny into his hands and create a job for himself. He rented a building close to his home and opened his clinic.

Looking for a way to attract people to his clinic, the doctor hung a sign that read, “GET TREATMENT FOR $20 - IF NOT CURED GET BACK $100” outside the door of the building.

One day, a lawyer was passing by and saw the sign. He thought it was foolish and a good way for him to make money, so he walked into the clinic. He approached the doctor and said he had lost his sense of taste.


The doctor immediately instructed his assistant to bring the medicine from box No. 25. Once the drug arrived, the doctor put three drops in the lawyer’s mouth and waited for some seconds. The lawyer soon yelled:

“Ugh. this is kerosene.”

The doctor smiled sheepishly and congratulated him for his cured disease before stretching his hands to get the $20. The lawyer gets angry, hands him the cash, and storms out of the building.


Some days go by, and the lawyer returns to try his luck. He walks in and tells the doctor that he has lost his memory and can’t remember anything. The doctor ordered his assistant to bring the drug in box No. 25.

He put three drops in the lawyer’s mouth, and the lawyer spits it out, saying, “this is kerosene. You gave this to me last time for restoring my taste.” The Chinese doctor smiled victoriously and stretched his hand to receive the $20.

Another time, the lawyer returned about a week later and complained to the doctor that his eyesight was terrible and he couldn’t see. The doctor said he had no medicine and proceeded to give the guy $100.


The lawyer reached for the cash and noticed it was a $20 note. He yelled at the doctor that it was $20 and not $100. To his surprise, the doctor replied, saying, “Congrats, your eyesight is restored. Give me $20.”

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