Story of the Day: A Stranger Gave Me His Kidney, Then I Gave Him Two Sons

Bettina Dizon
May 11, 2021
06:00 P.M.

Today's #storyoftheday is about the love story of a sick woman to whom a donor donated his kidney, and she, in turn, repaid him much more valuable.


Needing an organ donor for a transplant was one of the most challenging experiences Estrell experienced. She knew her life depended on finding one, and waiting for a donor who would help on the hospital list would leave her no time.

Source: Amomama

Source: Amomama

Five months ago, things were quite different. Estrell, 26, was a joyful and active person who worked at the emergency department of a local hospital. Every day would be a new adventure for her as she tended to patients who usually met accidents.

While treating one of her trauma patients, Estrella began to feel a slight pain in her body. Thinking it was just from her workout, she went back to work and believed that a good night's rest would solve it


But in the days that followed, nothing changed. She began to feel quickly tired and nauseous at times. Her symptoms did not go unnoticed, and her close nurse co-worker urged the doctor to get checked.

Ironically, despite being a doctor, Estrell did not want to have a check-up. She was almost sure that nothing was wrong with her and saw her workouts as the culprit to feeling tired all the time.

But deep inside, she could not afford to leave the emergency department that she handled. Estrell was a great doctor who cared deeply about her patients and wanted to help each and everyone recover.


A week and a half passed, and the symptoms were on and off. However, the medical professional's ankles began to swell for no apparent reason. At that moment, she knew something was wrong with her kidneys.

Without knowing it, the doctor slowly fell in love with her kidney donor as well and wanted to take their relationship seriously.

Everything checked off the list for kidney failure -- nausea, fatigue, weakness, and swelling. The only choice is to visit a doctor and find out how to save her life. Working in a hospital had its perks, such that Estrell only had to ride a few floors up to see a specialist.

After a series of tests, it was confirmed that her kidney was dying, and she was in dire need of an organ donor. While getting on the list was easy, finding a donor that matched Estrell was quite tricky.


Estrell was a mix of different heritages, and time was of the essence. She did not know where to start knowing that her life depended on it. As an only child with parents halfway around the globe, everything seemed impossible.

However, she had a big advantage -- everyone at the hospital loved her, and so she had many people searching for donors with her. A few days passed when Estrell received a call from an unknown number. The man on the other line said:

"Hi Doctor Estrell, you may not remember me, but you saved my life about two years ago. I heard about your situation, and I would like to donate my kidney."

Estrell was grateful to the man but informed him that finding a perfect match was quite difficult. Getting tested for compatibility would be a long shot. However, the man already knew that.


"Yes, I am aware. That's why I already had my kidney matched in the hospital with your doctor. It's a perfect match," he said. "I want to save your life as you did mine." Tears began to form in Estrell's eyes as she heard those words.

She asked the donor if she could at the very least meet him and treat him to dinner, to which he agreed. The two met that very night at a local restaurant nearby and after seeing the man, she instantly remembered his name, Noah.

Apart from all the "thank yous," the two were able to get to know each other and did not notice how quickly time passed. Before they knew it, the restaurant was about to close already.

The following day, Estrell and Noah coincidentally bumped into each other in the evening while shopping at a nearby grocery store. They ended up having drinks after and decided to meet the next day again since Estrell had the day off.


The pair met for lunch and talked more about Estrell's kidney transplant and the procedure they both had to undergo. It was only four days until the surgery and Estrell was quite scared, but Noah comforted her as she worried about the outcome.

Although they were in constant communication, the next time they saw each other was on the day of the procedure. They met up in the morning and wished each other good luck. Before parting, Estrell said:

"I can't thank you enough for doing this and beyond. You gave me more than just a kidney, but also a confidant amidst such difficult time."

The surgery went well and as soon as Estresll woke up, she saw beautiful white roses by her bedside and a note from Noah. He was still recovering in a different room but arranged the flowers to be sent beforehand.


He constantly checked up on Estrell as she recovered and would visit her until eventually courting her. Without knowing it, the doctor slowly fell in love with her kidney donor as well and wanted to take their relationship seriously.

Five years have passed since, and the couple are now husband and wife. Giving his kidney allowed Noah to meet the woman who would tie up all his blessings and give him a family to love. While he gave a piece of himself, Estrell gave Noah two beautiful children.

Premature Newborn Fraternal Twins Snuggle Up Together With Parents in Hospital Bed | Source: Getty Image

Premature Newborn Fraternal Twins Snuggle Up Together With Parents in Hospital Bed | Source: Getty Image

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Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental in this fictional story.

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