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Couple Fabricates a Baby Kidnapping Incident for Police to Speed up the Search for Their Missing Vehicle

Olawale Ogunjimi
May 14, 2021
10:50 P.M.
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Phoenix police have released a tweet explaining that a couple who called to report a missing baby fabricated the story so that their stolen vehicle would be recovered within a short time.


In the early hours of Wednesday, a Phoenix couple rang the authorities explaining they were caregivers to a toddler and that their 18-month baby girl had been kidnapped from their vehicle near Indian School Road, 3rd Avenue.

They maintained that the same culprits stole their truck after they left it parked outside a QuikTrip convenience store during a visit.

A missing persons poster | Photo: Pixabay


After the heartbreaking news, it did not take long for the law enforcement to deploy more than forty officers who embarked on what was described as an intensive search since it involved the kidnapping of a young child.

In a short while, the police found the 1999 Ford F-250. It was in the custody of a man and woman who allegedly took the automobile. However, there was no child in sight. Yesterday, the authorities briefed the public with a rather shocking revelation.

A tweet from the Phoenix police handle read: "After an intensive search for the reported baby, we have learned that the 'caregiving couple' fabricated the story of a kidnapping."


Police vehicles with blue lights on | Photo: Pixabay

In the same post, the police explained that all the couple wanted was a "quicker" police response to claim their truck from the suspects who ran off in it without asking.


Authorities confirmed that the Wagners would surely pay dearly by spending time behind bars for their crime.


The police also added that they employed various resources such as a helicopter search in search of the missing toddler, among other things.

Many Twitter users were appalled at the news. They called for retributive measures as a way to discipline the couple for lying about such a delicate issue and wasting police resources.

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The couple already identified as Stormee Wagner and James E. Wagner, ages 40 and 37, respectively, will face the consequences of their false report by spending a few years on probation, six months in jail, and a fine of more than $2,500.

No charges have been levied on the truck thieves. Although the second couple met the first couple in the convenience store, they left the shop before them and drove in the truck to a Phoenix home.

Dyfed-Powys police officer issuing a parking ticket | Photo: Getty Images

Authorities confirmed that the Wagners would surely pay dearly by spending time behind bars for their crime. The police are yet to book the second couple into jail but maintained that the suspects would eventually be accused of stealing the truck.