22 People Stuck in a Roller Coaster Ride Successfully Rescued by Authorities in Arizona

Busayo Ogunjimi
May 17, 2021
11:10 P.M.
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Officials from the Phoenix Fire Department rescued all the 22 helpless riders who got stuck on the roller coaster at the Arizona amusement park.


The Technical Rescue team have successfully rescued all the 22 riders off the roller coaster at Castles N' Coasters in Phoenix after the ride was stuck at about 20 feet above the ground.

In a couple of tweets, the Phoenix Fire Department confirmed to have deployed the rescue team to Arizona amusement park, and they were able to save all riders onboard. 

Photo of people on a rollercoaster. | Photo: Pexel


According to the authorities, the passengers were lowered from the ride with a High Angle Belay System with no casualty report. Even though the cause is unknown, the rescue team disassembled their equipment as they set to return to their offices.

Staff from the amusement park informed the ride will not be available for use anytime soon. Speaking on their ordeal, a family identified as the Almarez narrated it was scary due to their sitting position while onboard. 


They were reportedly stuck for two hours. The family recalled being afraid because they were sitting at the edge. Again, they were the last set of passengers to be rescued. And some of the kids were helpless.

The victims, who sustained minor injuries, were revealed to have engaged on the Wild River Rafting ride.


Christian Almarez described how the rescue team strapped on a 30-foot ladder to get them to the ground. While another member of the family, Christopher, recounts reaching out to a child onboard.

He mentioned trying to help the little girl when he noticed she could not hold herself as they waited for their turn to be lowered to the ground.


However, despite the terrifying experience, the Almarez family expressed how they can not wait to ride on a roller coaster anytime soon.

Another report similar to this event recorded four people injured in a water accident at the West Midland Safari park. An eyewitness confirmed seeing a boat with people turned upside down.

Coast guard searching in the sea | Source: Pixabay/Elsemargriet

The victims, who sustained minor injuries, were revealed to have engaged on the Wild River Rafting ride. Recreation park owners are advised to take precautionary measures and proper checks on their facilities to curtail such occurrences.