Netizens Puzzled over a Photo of a Girl Seemingly Stuck in the Sidewalk

Junie Sihlangu
May 23, 2021
02:40 P.M.
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A new mind-bending photograph has popped up on social media, leaving users scratching their heads as they try to figure it out. Take a look, and maybe you’ll know what’s going on here.


A Reddit user who goes by the name MK24ever has gone viral on social media for a confusing photo that is doing the round. The image, which was not Photoshopped, left people scratching their heads.

In the photo, a little girl appears to have become submerged by the sidewalk. Only part of her upper body is visible as she plays outside, seemingly clueless about how her image has people uncomfortable.

A man holding his forehead with a confused look on his face | Photo: Pixabay/Sammy-Williams


The picture initially appeared on Reddit about two weeks back. It has since found traction on other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, with MK24ever teasing viewers with the caption:

“My daughter, where’s the rest of her? Ohh I see, do you?”


The image has a bit of a Salvador Dalí feel and shows the little girl wearing pink oblivious to the fact that she’s buried up to her waist in concrete and stone. A Twitter user was definitely not handling the image well, writing:

"This is making my brain hurt...I just can’t see it."


One would even think the little girl has fallen into some type of sidewalk quicksand, but her look says otherwise. It wasn’t long before some viewers figured out the mind-boggling optical illusion.

It appears the poster’s daughter was actually standing next to a low wall that was made from the same stones and material as the sidewalk. The matching material makes it seem like the wall and sidewalk are one thing.


If you look closely at her arm, you’ll see that she’s pretty much balancing it on the low wall. Her shadow only shows the top part of her body, but the rest of it appears to be hidden below.

Another optical illusion that had social media users confused was a wildlife image by photographer Sarosh Lodhi. The photo was of two zebras that appeared to be one because the heads appeared merged.


One last optical illusion that had people confused was that of a man or bear walking in the snow into the woods. It also looked like a man was wearing a bear-backpack and walking into the forest.

This image also went viral, with people making all sorts of guesses. Ultimately, it eventually became clear that the photo was actually a black-and-white poodle running out of the forest.