Hunt for a Criminal Wanted for 4 Murders Ended Successfully without a Single Shot Fired

Jené Liebenberg
May 25, 2021
03:20 P.M.

The Chester County Sheriff's Office reported that the suspect wanted for four killings across two states was in custody without any shots being fired.


Authorities searched for Tyler Terry for seven days before tracking him down and arresting him without using a single bullet throughout the process of bringing him into custody.

More than 300 officers were involved in searching for the suspect after Terry was charged with four murders across two different states. They managed to pin him down after three confirmed sightings.

Police vehicle in the street. | Pexels/ Jacoby Clarke

Police vehicle in the street. | Pexels/ Jacoby Clarke


The Chester County Sheriff's Office confirmed that hundreds of police officers surrounded the suspect once they discovered that he was hiding under weeds. The post on Twitter reads:

"Tyler Terry is in custody. No shots were fired by any party. Everyone (including Terry) is safe."


Terry escaped on May 17 after fleeing the car crash scene and firing on Chester County officers as he ran away. The chase ensued and was successfully completed on May 24.


Terry managed to evade law enforcement officers by remaining in a small area and continually escaping the officers on his track. The suspect lived off the land and broke into vehicles to steal resources to survive.


The suspect stole a gun, water, shirt and shoes out of an unlocked vehicle last week and went on stealing from barns and sheds to get his hands on the means to continue his existence below the radar.


26-year-old Terry now faces multiple charges of murder, including a shooting that occurred in York, the killing of a man in Great Falls, and the killing of two other people in Missouri.


Despite being surrounded by hundreds of officers, it was reported that the suspect was still willing to flee if he saw the opportunity. Chester County Sheriff Max Dorsey shared:

“He was certainly ready to run. But he was surrounded."


Adrienne Simpson, the woman who drove Terry's getaway car in the Great Falls shooting, was also taken into custody. She was arrested after crashing the vehicle involved in a serious police chase.


DeWitt revealed that her daughter's relationship with Terry was very unhealthy as he emotionally and physically abused her.

Simpson, 34, is also linked to the two murders that occurred in Missouri. Terry and Simpson were seen together buying drugs, and a stolen number plate also gave away their connection.


In the wake of Simpson's arrest, her mother, Carol DeWitt, spoke out about her daughter's actions and association with a wanted murderer. DeWitt spoke with Simpson when she phoned her at Chester County Jail.


The distraught mother shared that she questioned why her daughter had become so caught up in Terry's business, and Simpson replied that he had manipulated her into working with him.

The disappearance and death of Simpson's husband, Eugene Simpson, is one of the murders listed among the four that Terry is being charged with, which involves Simpson in the death of her husband.

DeWitt revealed that her daughter's relationship with Terry was very unhealthy as he emotionally and physically abused her throughout their time together, saying that Simpson had expressed that she was afraid of Terry.

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