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Daily Joke: A Family Takes a Drive during the Holidays

Rebelander Basilan
Jun 14, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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An encounter between a family and a frog is the subject of this joke. The frog and the husband hold a humorous conversation that will surely make you laugh.


On a bright summer day, a family was driving in their car and enjoying their day. Suddenly, the husband, who was driving, saw a frog cross the road. He was just able to stop the vehicle before it hit the green creature.

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The husband jumped out of the car and took the frog. He thought that taking him to the side of the road was the most appropriate thing to do. The grateful frog thanked the man.

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In addition, the animal told him he would grant him one of his wishes. Initially, the man couldn't believe it. But he decided to try making a wish. The husband said to the frog, "Make sure my dog wins the dog race."

After the dog got out of the car, the frog approached it to look at it. There were only three legs on the dog, as the frog noticed. Additionally, it could hardly move at all due to its immense size and weight.

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Thus, the frog told the man he believed it would be impossible to realize his wish. The animal then told the man to make another one. In response, the latter said:

"Well, then, make my wife win the next beauty contest in the area."

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According to the frog, he needed to tell his wife to get out of their car. She then got out of the vehicle and approached the frog. The frog turned to the husband and asked, "Can I please have another look at the dog?"

It's always fun to read a humorous story like this one. To make your day even brighter, here's another one about a monk who was only supposed to say two words as part of his vow of silence.

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After the monk completed his first year, he came to the head abbot to give two words: "Better food." As per his oath of silence, he was only allowed to speak or utter two words.

The head abbot hired a new chef and improved the quality of food at the monastery in response to the monk's request. The monk uttered his next two words a year later: "Warmer blankets."

A priest praying in the church. | Photo: Freepik

The head abbot gave the monk a blanket. A year later, the monk returned and said he's quitting. To which the head abbot replied, "Good! All you have done since you got here is complain."

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