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Woman Wishes Her Ex-husband All the Worst and Here Is Why – Story of the Day

Bettina Dizon
May 27, 2021
07:30 A.M.
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Denise thought she was the luckiest woman in the world to be married to a perfect man. However, things changed in a matter of minutes and now she hates him. Here is her story.


Denise thought that she would have a happily ever after once married. She was a romantic and loved the idea of being swept off her feet by a man who would treat her like a queen. During her first job, Denise was assigned to be coached by a man named Vince. He was hard-working, intelligent, and handsome.

More so, he treated Denise with respect and always complimented her beauty. When he decided to court her, Vince always put his best foot forward and presented Denise with several gifts that would make her heart skip a beat.

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Vince was the most good-looking guy at work, but he always promised Denise that his heart only belonged to her. Naturally, she believed him and thought that he would be her prince charming. Within two years, Vince and Denise tied the knot and moved into a cozy apartment.

Denise also left her job as a better opportunity presented itself. Three years had passed, and the couple still had no children. Nevertheless, Vince did not change his ways and would always make his wife feel like the most beautiful woman on earth. Denise was happily married and was grateful to have loved and been loved by Vince.

After careful planning, Vince decided to leave his job and set up a business of his own. He hired a secretary, Lisa, who knew all of his schedules and business plans. One day, Denise visited her husband’s office to see how business was going. However, Lisa reported that Vince left to meet with a client.


It became a habit for Denise to check on Vince’s life.

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Denise felt so proud that her husband was working so hard. Before leaving, Lisa informed Denise that her husband accidentally left his phone, in case she rang and he did not answer. “I’ll just take it and give it to him at home since I doubt he’ll be stopping by here,” Denise said.


While driving home, Vince’s phone rang -- it was an unknown number. Denise answered the phone, thinking it might be important, but before she could even speak, a woman from the other line spoke. “Babe, I’m free tonight. Please come over. I really miss you,” the woman said. Shocked, Denise immediately hung up.

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Denise parked the car as soon as she found a free spot and decided to look through her husband’s phone -- what she saw nearly made her faint. Her husband had been cheating on her for years with several women. His relationships were not just mere flings but actual lovers whom he complimented endlessly.

Denise immediately filed for divorce and left her house even before Vince arrived. Vince never apologized or reached out and just signed the divorce papers. It has been eight years since their split, yet Denise still hates her ex-husband with a passion. Still, she closely watches him and follows his life on social media.

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Denise wished him the worst, hoping his business would fail or that he would go broke or get sick. But instead, luck was at his side. His business venture was a success, he was healthy and even quit smoking, and on top of it all, he was engaged to a beautiful young lady. It became a habit for Denise to check on Vince’s life.

Every day, she would look at several social networks and check on him. Somehow she can’t seem to forget him despite no longer loving Vince.

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