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Daily Joke: 3 Men Found a Lamp with a Genie

Gaone Pule
May 27, 2021
10:30 A.M.
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Three best friends, Nick, Peter, Ryan, love spending time in the woods as they enjoy exploring nature. They usually go out on weekends to have some fun in the wild.


The trio always has activities planned out for their adventures and loves taking along binoculars as they climb high up on trees looking down.

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On the weekend, they prepared for their ordinary trip and went on a road trip. While on the way, they listened to some of their favorite music.

Pictured - The males standing near trees | Source: Pexels


They stopped by a river to get some fresh air, and Peter decided to get the binoculars to good use and looked around the environment.

He didn’t find anything interesting, so they got back into the car and continued to drive. After hours of being on the road, they finally reached their destination.

Pictured - A man using binoculars near a forest daytime | Source: Pexels


Upon arrival, they chose to take a swim in the waterfall before they settled down. Peter once again took the binoculars and started to observe.

As he sat on a cliff, he saw a small blue item from afar and zoomed in. From a distance, he saw a handle of a but not the entire object.

Pictured - A golden genie lamp | Source: Pixabay


He got up, walked towards it, started digging out the rest of the sand on it, and realized that it was a blue lamp. He called out to Nick and Ryan to come and see what he discovered.

They got out of the water dripping wet and ran towards him. “Guys, look what I found,” Peter said while lifting the lamp. Nick replied, “What could be inside?”

Ryan added, "Well, you won't know unless you open it." As Peter attempted to open it, he rubbed it slightly with his palm, and a genie came out.

Pictured - A cartoon character of a genie | Source: Pixabay


They got a shock of their lives as the genie appeared. The genie then said, "Phew! I have been suffocating for years. Thanks gentlemen, for letting me out. As a show of gratitude, I will grant you all three wishes each."

Peter, still stunned, said, "Great! I would like to have all the money in the world, own a private island, and have the most beautiful woman beside me.” The genie chuckled and told him he couldn't make all three wishes at once.

Then it was Nick's turn, "I want the most expensive car, the latest model." And in a split second, there was his dream car next to him. "Wow!" he said.

Pictured - A man holding a genie lamp | Source: Pixabay


Ryan then wished to be famous, and in a puff of smoke, he saw videos of himself all over the media labeled as the business tycoon. "Fantastic!" he said. After seeing how the two other's wishes got granted, Peter asked the genie to try again, while embarrassed.

“I think I failed with the right wishes a bit,” while scratching his head. “It’s such a shame, considering you are the first one to discover the lamp. Next time, don't call your friends."

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