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Woman Dreams of Having a Child, but Her Husband Is Infertile – Story of the Day

Bettina Dizon
May 27, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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Seri had always dreamed of becoming a mother as she grew up in a big family with loving parents. However, her dreams of motherhood were taken away in an instant. Here is why.


Growing up with five siblings and loving parents, Seri always dreamed of becoming a mother. She wanted to have a big family with the man she would love for the rest of her life. Seri wanted to be like her mother, independent, responsible, and loved by all her kids.

Seri's mother, Loraine was like a superwoman to her children as she managed to thrive in her career while taking care of them all. Her husband also looked up to her as she resembled a perfect wife. Since her younger years, Loraine would tell Seri, “Be careful in choosing your husband. Choose someone you love and who loves you.”

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Other times, Loraine would tell her daughter that there’s more to marriage than just loving someone. It requires sacrifice, compatibility, and respect, among many others. Her mother’s words stuck for years until Seri became a young woman. She dated a few men but was careful in giving her heart to the right one.

At age 23, Seri found her soulmate, Nathan. The pair had different personalities that balanced each other and similar interests, such as old school music, fitness, and watching movies. They planned a great future together and decided to get married when the time was right.

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Five years later, Nathan asked Seri to marry him. Now that he was financially stable, he could provide for her and all the children she wanted. A year after their wedding, the couple started trying to have their first child. They made sure to drink vitamins, stay healthy, and thoroughly prepare to conceive a child.

Seri knows that leaving her husband would be awful as she loved him endlessly.

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After several months of failed attempts, they decided to consult a medical professional. Doctors could not believe that such healthy people had serious problems with conceiving. After undergoing tests, doctors found that Nathan was infertile. He did not know about his condition either and apologized to his wife.

Since Seri had wanted children since she was a little girl, she took the news harder. She would cry at night when her husband was not looking and began thinking about her life. She loved her husband without question but could not imagine a life without children. Motherhood was just so important to Seri.

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Although her husband suggested adoption or finding a sperm donor, Seri disagreed. She wanted to experience childbirth and have biological children. More so, she wanted to have kids with the man she would be with for the rest of her life. Suddenly, she considered more options.

The first was to continue trying to conceive in hopes that a miracle would happen. The second was to leave her husband and try to build a new relationship with a man she would love and would love her.

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Seri knows that leaving her husband would be awful as she loved him endlessly. However, living a life without children would be just as bad. Some people live their whole lives without children and love each other unconditionally, but Seri’s afraid that choosing such would leave her full of regret.

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