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Fire Department Rescues a California Parachutist Who Landed Unsuccessfully on Power Lines

Jené Liebenberg
May 27, 2021
12:50 P.M.
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The Riverside Country Fire Department had to come to the rescue of a parachuter who was entangled in powerlines. He suffered minor injuries.


The Riverside County Fire Department had another interesting save this week after they had to remove a parachuter who was dangling mid-air because his chute was stuck in powerlines.

The incident took place on Tuesday, with the individual's unsuccessful landing placing him in Lake Elsinore's powerlines. Both firefighters and deputies with the sheriff's department reported to the scene.

A firetruck with an extended ladder. | Pexels/ Wendy Wei



The California Fire Department reported that the first responders could cut off the power supply to the lines that the individual was stuck in and bring him down in a bucket lift. They wrote on Twitter:

"Firefighters, along with @RSO are on scene of a single parachuter who’s chute is caught in power lines approximately 30ft off the ground."

The pictures attached show the parachuter suspended above the ground with his yellow chute and strings tangled in the power lines above him. The bucket lift was beneath him as they worked on cutting the electricity supply.



Once the parachuter was removed from his dangerous position, Southern California Edison's electricity company was able to safely remove the chute and its attached strings from the powerline.

Four years ago, three people crashed into one another while falling through the air resulting in a fatal landing.

The individual was assessed by emergency personnel on the scene and transported to a local hospital to receive medical attention for minor injuries he sustained on the lower half of his body.



A skydiving accident in Western Australia did not have such a fortunate ending. Dimitri Didenko, an experienced skydiver, competed in a skydiving competition when his parachute did not open. His fall was fatal.

Didenko's accident occurred in March, leaving the skydiving community and his friends shocked by the tragic loss. Although his wingsuit created more time to glide through the air, there was nothing to break his fall without a parachute.



The 30-year-old skydiver took part in the 2021 Virtual Australian Skydiving Championships when he jumped out of the plane. Leslee Holmes, president of Dandaragan Shire, said:

"The [man] who unfortunately lost his life was a veteran of skydiving, 6,000 jumps. The first responders, and the [people] who had to witness this, it must be absolutely chilling."

The Australian Parachute Federation is now investigating the skydiving accident as they take the safety of those participating in the sport very seriously.


This is not the first accident that has resulted in death in the Jurien Bay region. Four years ago, three people crashed into one another while falling through the air resulting in a fatal landing.

In the wake of the 30-year-old skydiver's death, his friends took to social media to share heartfelt tributes. A black and white snap of Didenko was posted with a caption that noted his adventurous and daring nature.