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2-Year-Old Kashe Quest from LA Becomes Youngest Member of American Mensa with an IQ of 146

Laura Beatham
May 31, 2021
12:20 A.M.
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A young girl became the youngest member of the American Mensa as she has an IQ of 146 and is only two years old.


Fox 11 Los Angeles reported that two-year-old Kashe Quest from LA had become the youngest member to join the American Mensa after she tested and scored an IQ of 146.

Quest is an impressive little girl as the average IQ of American's is 100. Her score saw her accepted into Mensa, the oldest and largest high IQ society in the world and the youngest member in America.

Kashe Quest solving a logic puzzle. | Photo: YouTube/Fox 11 Los Angeles.


In a new clip posted on the outlet's Youtube Channel, Quest's mother explained that she noticed Quest had an excellent memory, picked up skills very fast, and was excited to learn new things.

Her mother explained that it first started at 18 months when Quest recognized all of the alphabet letters, colors, and shapes very fast. The toddler then moved on to learn things that could stump adults.

Two-year-old Kashe Quest recognizing the states by their land shape. | Photo: YouTube/ Fox 11 Los Angeles


Quest shows off her brains in the video by doing different tasks, including counting to 100, recognizing all the states by their landmass, and even naming the periodic elements just from their symbols.

The two-year-old can also figure out difficult logic puzzles, as shown in the video. Quest is exploring her language abilities as she is learning Spanish and knows 50 signs in Sign Language. She is also learning to read.

Quest's parents are letting her lead the way as they want her to have a normal childhood.


Quest's mom, who has a background in education, opened up her own preschool, "The Modern Schoolhouse," after her family struggled to find a school that could accommodate her daughter's needs.

She currently teaches 12 children, including her own daughter. So the mother and daughter get to spend a lot of time together. Quest's mother shared that her daughter taught her how to parent differently.


Although Quest's educational strides are above that of an average two-year-old, her mother shared Quest is still very much a toddler as they still have to negotiate boundaries, and she still has tantrums.

Quest's parents are letting her lead the way as they want her to have a normal childhood and do not want to push anything on her too early on in her development. They want her to be youthful for as long as possible.


Quest is not the only young child to join Mensa. A three-year-old boy named Muhammad Haryz Nadzim was invited to join the British Mensa in January 2020 after scoring a 142 IQ.

Another child genius, Adhara Pérez from Mexico, boasted an IQ of 162 when she was only eight-year-old, higher than the estimated IQs of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. She hopes to attend college in the USA soon.