Information about the 9 Victims of the California Rail Yard Shooting in San Jose

Afouda Bamidele
May 28, 2021
09:00 P.M.
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Updates about the mass shooting that occurred in San Jose showed that authorities have been able to gather substantial information about the nine victims.


Following the mass shooting that occurred at the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), authorities have been able to make more findings of the nine victims who were all co-workers of the shooter. 

Taptejdeep Singh, who worked as a light rail operator was described by his family as a selfless person. His uncle Sukhwant Singh Dhillon relayed that the late worker ran across the buildings warning everyone about the shooter. 

VTA employees at a vigil in honor of the nine victims of the mass shooting in San Jose on on Thursday, May 27, 2021 | Photo: Getty Images


Paul Delacruz Megia started working at VTA in 2002 as a bus operator, and he rose through the ranks before becoming the assistant superintendent in service management. His wife, Nicole Yamada, described him as a loving family man.

Samuel Cassidy, who worked at VTA, walked into the rail yard on Wednesday and gunned down nine [people].


Michael Joseph Rudometkin was another victim of the sporadic shooting, who began working at VTA in 2013 as a mechanic, and later became an overhead line worker. Jose Dejesus Hernandez III worked as a transit mechanic.

Hernandez joined the company in 2012, and according to his wife, Sarah Raelyn, he was a calm and level-headed person. Abdolvahab Alaghmandan, who was 63, worked as a substation maintainer.


His son, Soheil, described him as a "gentle soul" who showed love to all and was a hard worker. Alex Ward Fritch was Alaghmandan's colleague, as he also worked as a substation maintainer. 

He was married with two kids. Lars Lane, who was also 63 years old, joined VTA in 2001. Lane's family noted that his death came a few days before his next birthday.  


Timothy Michael Romo, who was 49, would be greatly missed by his family, who described him as the "smartest and funniest man." Romo, who was an air force veteran, worked at the company as a power foreman. 

In another shocking news, a man now identified as Samuel Cassidy, who worked at VTA, walked into the rail yard on Wednesday and gunned down nine of the workers on duty. 


The Santa Clara Sheriff's Office received several calls at 6:34 am with reports of shooting at the rail yard. Before the Police could curtail the situation, Cassidy shot himself. 

Cassidy, who was 57 years old, had an encounter with the Customs and Border Protection officers in 2016. At the time, he was stopped for a road check, and the Police remembered seeing some notes.

The notes contained writings where Cassidy penned his hatred for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority. Books on manifested and terrorism were also found in his car.