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Criminal Who Has Been Wanted for 21 Years Was Caught after Trying to Obtain a Fishing License

Lois Oladejo
May 28, 2021
06:30 P.M.
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A 53-year-old criminal wanted for 21 years for failing to register as an offender was recently caught while trying to obtain a fishing license.


Hernando County Sheriff's Office has arrested a fugitive who has been on the run for 21 years after failing to register as an offender. The 53-year-old criminal was arrested while trying to obtain a fishing license.

Authorities revealed that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children alerted the Hernando County Sheriff's Office about an offender who was possibly living in Spring Hill.

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After close investigation, it was discovered that David Swenson, 53, had been wanted by authorities after escaping from California, where he had active warrants for his crimes.

In 1989, Swenson was convicted of rape and another serious offense. He gained his freedom in 1993 but failed to register as an offender and became hunted by authorities.

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According to reports, the 53-year-old got a new identity and became known as Kevin Crowley. Swenson lived with his wife in a Springs Hill home and was caught while trying to obtain a fishing license with his new identity.

Police authorities explained that several investigations were carried out to match Crowley to Swenson but did not reveal how his fishing license was used to expose him.

His sentence has been lauded by members of the community he terrorized. 

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Reports revealed it remains unclear if his wife, Kathleen Crowley, is aware of his past and his criminal records as several properties found in their home were registered in her name.

The Hernando County Sheriff's Office noted that they had previously encountered Swenson in 2009 when they responded to a call from his Spring Hill home and found him hiding in the attic.


He presented authorities with his fake name and was asked to appear in court. His trial was dropped due to a pre-trial diversion, but it remains unclear why Swenson's decision to hide in the attic did not arouse police suspicions.

Records showed that the 53-year-old never purchased any vehicle or properties with his real name or false identity, and neither did he register himself as an offender in Florida.

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Swenson was arrested while on a bike walk. He faces being extradited to California, where he would stand trial for his crimes. According to reports, he is being held without bail.

In another news, a man, Joseph James DeAngelo, popularly known as the Golden State Killer, has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. His sentence has been lauded by members of the community he terrorized.