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60-Year-Old Lady Finds Love after Failed Cyberdating – Story of the Day

Manuela Cardiga
Jul 07, 2021
03:52 A.M.
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A lonely older woman's daughters enroll her on a dating site, but she finds love the old-fashioned way when she least expects it.


Dina Roberts was just 58 when her husband walked out on her after 40 years of marriage. John had been her first boyfriend, and they had dated all through high school and married straight out of graduation.

Dina had devoted herself to John and to their two daughters, but shortly after their youngest married, John had dropped the bombshell: he was in love with another woman, younger more vibrant.

Dina was boring, he said, she'd grown old and couldn't give him the challenge and excitement he needed in his life. Dina was devastated and vowed that she'd never love again, but two years later loneliness drove her to look for companionship.


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Dina's two girls, Rosalie and Madison, were their mother's biggest fans and supporters. Now 60, Dina started to feel more alone than ever, and her daughters broke some upsetting news that made her feel even worse.


Her ex-husband's much younger wife was pregnant, and he was going to be a father again. Dina started crying. "No wonder he left me! I'm so old, and he's having another child..."

"Come on, Mom," Rosalie said, "Wait until he has to run around after a toddler! That's the real test..."

"Yeah..." said Madison grinning, "He proved that he can father a child, but he's too old to pick it up...!"

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Dina just cried harder. "He has everything, and I have nothing!"

"Mom, you have us!" Madison consoled her gently, "And you have your grandchildren..:"

"I'm so alone," whispered Dina, "All my friends are married, some for the second or third time, so they don't have time for me."

"Well, "said Rosalie, "You could start dating."

Dina had given up on love, and when she least expected it, it walked into her life.

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Dina gasped. "Dating? The only man I ever dated was your father!"

"Then it's about time you started dating again!" said Madison.

"But where do I meet men?" Dina asked.

"Online, of course," said Rosalie. "Don't worry, we'll set up a profile for you!"

And they did. They created a profile for DIna on a +50s dating app, and her sweet face quickly had her receiving dozens of DMs. Dina was overwhelmed, especially when she started reading the messages.

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"I can't believe it!" Dina gasped on a Zoom call to her daughters, "You girls have no idea what these men say! And the photos they send..." Dina couldn't help blushing.

"Some must be nice," Madison said, "They can't all be creeps!"

"They are, believe me," said Dina. "I've decided that I'm going to get myself a cat, or a dog. BUT NO MEN!"

"Mom, a cat or a dog can't talk to you!"

"Then," said Dina firmly, "I'll get a parrot!".

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The next day, true to her word, Dina drove to a nearby animal shelter and asked about adopting a cat, or maybe a puppy. The woman at the reception ushered her in and introduced her to a tall, distinguished-looking man about her age.

"Hello," he said smiling. "I'm Shaun Kravit. I hear you are looking for love?"

Dina blushed. "I'm looking for a pet!"

"Exactly!" said Shaun smiling, "Unconditional love, loyalty, and lots of cuddles."

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Dina laughed. "Yes! And no talking back or complaints!"

Shaun grinned and winked. "We're on the same page! Dog or cat?"

Dina said: "I don't know... I was hoping I'd know him when I see him -- or her."

"Well, come on then, came and meet our 'kids.'"

Shaun was so funny! Dina smiled at him. "Do you have a dog or a cat?"

Shaun opened his arms wide. "I have them all! I joined the shelter when I retired. I used to be a vet, and being at home alone drove me crazy."


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Dina said feelingly: "Don't I know it!"

"Divorced?" asked Shaun sympathetically,


"Yes...My daughters tried to get me into cyberdating..." Dina shuddered.

Shaun grimaced. "My son did the same!"

"I'd rather die alone!" They said at the same time and smiled at each other.

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They stopped in front of a caged area and Dina immediately fell in love with an older labrador with melting amber eyes named Suzy. "It's her, "Dina said excitedly, "She's the one!"

Shaun grinned. "Good choice!"

"Maybe I should choose a younger dog, but..."

Shaun took her hand and kissed it. "Dina, I too can't resist the charms of an older, sophisticated woman..."

Dina found herself blushing, and when Shaun asked her if she'd have dinner with him, she accepted. Before long, Shaun and Dina were spending all their time together, and a year later they married.


Of course, Suzie was their flower girl, and Madison and Rosalie were Dina's overjoyed bridesmaids.

What can we learn from this story?

1. It's never too late for love. Dina had given up on love, and when she least expected it, it walked into her life.

2. Take a chance in bringing something new into your life. It can be a pet or a new hobby, or dance lessons, so long as it challenges you to grow.

3. Giving of yourself brings you closer to happiness. Shaun's decision to give his time to the shelter filled a void in his life and ultimately brought him love,


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