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Man Humiliates Mom of Crying Baby on the Plane, Student Teaches Him a Lesson – Story of the Day

Manuela Cardiga
Jun 03, 2021
10:30 A.M.

A nervous new mom was shamed over her tiny baby's constant crying by an angry passenger, but then a young boy comes to her rescue.


Frank LeBonne was furious. His assistant had failed to book him into first class on his flight from Miami to New York and Frank ALWAYS flew first class.

He wasn't prepared to sit in a cramped seat surrounded by the smells and sounds of the hoi polloi. He'd fix this if it killed him. He walked over to the company's desk and demanded a first-class seat.

The sympathetic attendant explained to Frank that first-class was fully booked and had been for months. No, she said, she couldn't bump anyone to economy for Frank.

Frank was already in a bad mood when he boarded the plane, and it was about to get worse.

The passenger with her baby | Source: Unsplash

The passenger with her baby | Source: Unsplash

The flight attendant led Frank to his seat right at the front, a window seat. Alright...Not so bad, Frank thought, but then his worse nightmare materialized. The flight attendant brought over a young woman and her baby, a tiny baby, Frank could see.


The flight attendant settled the woman in the aisle seat and helped her strap the baby's bassinet into the middle seat. "There you are," the flight attendant smiled, "All cozy. If you need anything, you just call!"

The young mom was obviously nervous, Frank could see. She kept fussing with the baby and fiddling with the blankets. At least the kid was asleep. Maybe he'd be lucky, and it would sleep all the way to New York.

No such luck. An hour out of Miami the child woke and started to fuss. The mom picked it up and started to rock it, but the baby just started crying harder. With a shy glance at Frank, the woman draped a shawl over her shoulder and started breastfeeding the child.

Forced to fly economy | Source: Pixabay

Forced to fly economy | Source: Pixabay


Frank was disgusted. He glared out of the window. People had no decency! Ten minutes later the baby started crying again. The mother held the baby, burped it, rocked it, but to no avail.

The cries just got louder and louder. The mother was frantic. She got up and started walking up and down the aisle with the baby, but it didn't seem to help. The woman was obviously incompetent, Frank thought.

Then he decided to share his opinion. "Are you incompetent?" he asked harshly, "Can't you keep that thing quiet?"

The woman blushed scarlet. "I'm so sorry...He's just three months old..."

"Three months? Who flies with a three months old baby? A fool?"

Flying with a small baby | Source: Unsplash

Flying with a small baby | Source: Unsplash


"Please," the woman spoke louder over the baby's screams, "I'm sorry, I'm doing my best..."

"Well your best isn't good enough, is it?" Frank scoffed, then he raised his voice. "Excuse me, Miss!"

The flight attendant walked over with a stiff smile on her face. "Yes Sir, how may I help you."

"This is unbearable! I demand to be upgraded to first-class!"

"I'm sorry Sir, first-class is fully booked..." the attendant explained.

The more Frank screamed and berated the nervous young mom, the more her anxiety was transmitted to the baby.

Baby won't stop crying | Source: PIxabay

Baby won't stop crying | Source: PIxabay


Frank had had enough. "I DON'T CARE!" he screamed, "I'm crammed in with this woman and her screaming brat and I can't stand it anymore! GET ME OUT OF HERE!"

"I'm sorry sir, there are no empty seats," the flight attendant said calmly.


"Yes sir, you did," the flight attendant said, "And this lady paid for two seats. You have your seat, and she has hers." The woman walked off and left Frank fuming.

He decided to air his views more fully to the young mother. "Women like you, you're not fit to have a child. Look at you! You don't even know how to keep that thing quiet!"

I can't stand it anymore! | Source: Unsplash

I can't stand it anymore! | Source: Unsplash


The new mom just cradled her baby and tears trickled down her cheeks.

Frank felt a glow of accomplishment and was about to go into another tirade when a quiet voice interrupted him. "I'll trade places with you."

He looked up to see a young boy, around 15 years old standing next to the mother and the crying baby. "I'm in seat 33D."

Anxious mother | Source: Pexels

Anxious mother | Source: Pexels

Frank unbuckled his seat belt and squeezed past the young mother. "Thank you," he said to the boy. "And good luck!"

The boy ignored Frank and smiled at the woman. "Hi! I'm Joe!"

The young mom smiled back anxiously. "Hi! I'm Delia, and this is Brian."


Joe sat down and bucked up. "Listen, Delia, I have a baby brother, so I know it's not easy."

Delia started crying again. "No, it isn't. Nothing I do seems to calm him down. I don't know what I'm doing."

A kind teenager | Source: Unsplash

A kind teenager | Source: Unsplash

Joe grinned, "Yes you do! Listen, my mom has had four kids, and she freaks out every time!"

Delia smiled back. "She does?"

"Yep," Joe added, "Would you let me hold him?"

Hesitantly, Delia handed the squalling Brian over and was surprised to see Joe settling him into the crook of his arm expertly. "Hey there little man," he crooned, "Big bad world got you scared?"


To Delia's surprise, Brian gave a hiccup and squinted up at Joe. "Yeah..." Joe said, "I know just what you mean, but what's a guy to do right?"

Sweet smiling baby | Source: Unsplash

Sweet smiling baby | Source: Unsplash

Joe's soothing voice and his tranquility quickly calmed Brian down, and soon he was fast asleep. Delia couldn't believe the angelic baby blowing milk bubbles in his sleep was the same as the screaming terror of 20 minutes before.

She settled Brian into the bassinet. "Thank you," she said softly to Joe. "You are my hero!"

Joe grinned. "Nah! Just doing my duty! I was quite a squaller once!"

"Well, I hope Brian turns out just like you."


As for Frank, he ended up having the worse flight ever. He was in an aisle seat, next to a very large, very loud lady who kept poking him on the ribs with surprisingly sharp elbows.

A bad trade | Source: Unsplash

A bad trade | Source: Unsplash

To make things even worse, the flight attendant kept bumping into his own exposed vulnerable elbow with the food cart. Listening to the silence from the front of the plane, Frank regretted agreeing to the change.

What can we learn from this story?

1. Anger and aggression make a bad situation worse. The more Frank screamed and berated the nervous young mom, the more her anxiety was transmitted to the baby, and the more it screamed.

2. Age is not equivalent to maturity. Frank proved himself to be selfish and rude, while the young boy proved to be considerate and kind.


3. Being a new mom is not easy. The first months after a baby's birth is a stressful time for all mothers, and they need kindness and understanding from the people around them.

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