'Too Old' Man Is Denied a Job at a Hair Salon, His Granddaughter Gets Revenge on the Manager – Story of the Day

Manuela Cardiga
Jun 06, 2021
02:30 A.M.
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A grandfather is denied a job at a hairdressing salon because he is 'too old,' so his granddaughter decides to get revenge on the manager who misjudged him.


James Daniels was fifty-two when his beloved son and his daughter-in-law passed away in a horrific car crash, leaving him to raise their six-year-old daughter Erin alone.

It was a painful time for James and Erin, but little by little started to heal and to find comfort in each other. It wasn't easy to suddenly become a 'dad' to a little girl, but James was determined to get it right, and it would bring him a new lease on life.

Grandfather's dream job | Source: Shutterstock


James became an expert on Barbies, little girl fashion, and he started fixing Erin's hair each morning before school. To his surprise, he really enjoyed it, and before long he was dreaming up elaborate hairstyles for his little granddaughter.

Fixing Erin's hair became their special moment every morning. James would say seriously: "And how does Madam feel this morning? Giddy and funny, in the mood for curls? Or serious and studious, ready for some braids?"

Even as Erin grew older, their little morning ritual continues, and as his grandaughter became a teenager, James started buying fashion magazines and keeping up with the latest trends and styles.


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Erin was 18 when James retired and left the world of accountancy behind. But sitting around at home turned out to be a torment for James. He wanted to work, but at what?


"Big daddy," Erin asked him, "What do you REALLY enjoy doing?"

James was embarrassed. "Look, this is crazy..." 

"Go on, I won't judge you!" Erin said solemnly.

"I like doing your hair, In fact, I love it!"

Hair styled by grandpa | Source: Pixabay


Erin clapped her hands. "Listen, my friend, Liz has just enrolled at the Beauty Institute to learn how to become a hairdresser, you could do the same."

James shook his head, "At my age, Erin?"

"Come on big dad, you're the youngest man I know!"

The next day, Erin marched her grandfather to the Institute and enrolled him as a student. As it turned out he was the oldest student in his class, but he quickly proved to be the most talented.

Just because a person is older does not mean that they don't have a valuable contribution to make.


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James graduated top of his class, but now he needed to become an apprentice in order to be fully qualified. Armed with his diploma, James started knocking on doors. At the end of the first day, he came home despondent.


"Erin, no one will even allow me to apprentice, let alone become a hairdresser."

Erin hugged her h«grandfather. "What happened?"

"I went to seven different salons, and they all made excuses, but I could see what the problem was -- my age. The last one was the worse. The man just laughed at me. 'You're too old, grandpa!' he said. Too old!"

Attending Beauty Institute | Source: Unsplash


"What salon was that?" Erin asked with a determined look on her face and picked up the phone. She called the salon and arranged for a trial as a hairdresser, and the next morning she asked her grandfather to create his most fantastic style for her.

"Come on, bid dad," Erin said, admiring herself in the mirror, "Let's go get you a job!"

Erin walked into the salon confidently, and her grandfather sat down quietly in the waiting area. She identifies herself and was taken to meet the salon's owner, Serge. Serge looked Erin up and down, then stared at her hair.

"Your hair...It's FABULOUS! Who did that!" he gasped.


Looking for work at a hairdressing salon | Source: Pexels

Erin smiled, "I did...Do you like it?"

"Oh yes!" Serge exclaimed, "I have to do hair for a fashion show this afternoon, and that is what I'm looking for! It's bold, it's DARING!"


He led Erin to a secluded cubicle where a beautiful girl waited, her hair wrapped in a towel. "This is Amber, she's the star of today's show. I want you to do to her what you did to yourself!"

"Oh," Erin smiled, "I can do better than that! But...I must tell you, I hate being watched..."

Serge nodded, "OK! just draw the curtain and call me when you're ready."

Styling a model's hair | Source: Pexels


Erin nodded, "Thank you for your understanding, I'm just going to pop out to my car to get my lucky scissors!"

An hour later, Erin knocked on Serge's office door. "Hey there! Amber is ready!"

Serge walked into the cubicle and gasped. "You weren't kidding! My God! It's even MORE fabulous!" Serge walked around Amber taking in every detail of the elaborate style. "The detail, the delicacy! Erin, can you start today? Do the rest of the models?"

Erin smiled. "I'm afraid not, Serge, you see, I didn't do Amber's hair..."

"What?" gasped Serge, and Amber started giggling. Erin popped her head around the door and gestured to someone on the outside. To Serge's surprise, a tall older gentleman walked in.


High-fashion stylist | Source: Pixabay

"I know you..." Serge said."You're the old man..."

"My grandfather, James Daniels, the man who did Amber's hair, and the best hairdresser you'll ever meet."


Serge gasped. "Are you serious? You did this? But... this is cutting edge, practically art..."

James grinned. "Didn't expect that from an 'old man'?"

Serge shrugged his shoulder and smiled back. "I'll be honest: no I didn't. But, I can admit when I've made a mistake. James, can you work this afternoon and tonight? We were booked to style for New York Fashion Week, and your style is what I want."

It was the beginning of a brand new career for James and before long he was the most in-demand hairdresser in New York, and the rich and the beautiful often had to wait weeks for an appointment.


There was one customer who had a daily appointment with the famous James Daniels. Erin still had her hair done by her grandfather every morning.

What can we learn from this story?

1. Don't judge a person's abilities by their age. Just because a person is older does not mean that they don't have a valuable contribution to make.


It's never too late for a Second Act.

Erin encouraged her grandfather to follow his dream, and he turned out to be the Institute's most talented student.

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