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Daily Joke: Two Workers Wonder Why Their Foreman Does Not Help Them

Jené Liebenberg
Aug 13, 2021
03:40 A.M.
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Two workers are working in the heat digging a trench. They look over to see their foreman lounging in the shade, and they start to wonder why he isn't digging with them. Read on to see the hilarious ending to the story.


Jack and William were contracted to work on a site as diggers. They were left with shovels to dig a trench that was four feet deep in the hot sun.

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While they were slaving away in the heat, the two of them looked over to see their foreman Jim lounging underneath a tree nearby. Confused, Jack and William started to question why they were working, and Jim wasn't.

After discussing the matter amongst themselves, Jack decided to encourage William to ask the foreman why he was resting in the shade while they were hard at work in the trench.

Two workers were digging a trench in the heat | Pexels/ Lisa Fotios


William left his shovel in the dirt and strode over to Jim. With his hands positioned on his hips, he asked the foreman why he was lying around while the others were working. Jim casually replied:

“Well, Will, that’s because I have me an edumacation.”

William wondered by the foreman wasn't helping | Pexels/ Kelly Lacy


Confused, William asked Jim what on earth an 'edumacation' was. With a smirk on his face, Jim decided that he would illustrate the concept to William.

Jim stands up, places his hand in front of a tree, and says to William to hit as hard as possible. Jim winds up, and as he swings through the air, Jim moves his hand, and William's hand hits the tree.

William cried out in pain and looked at Jim, angry and confused, but the foreman just pulled up his shoulders and said that was an edumacation.

Jim taught William about "edumacation" | Pexels/ Thirdman


William returned to the trenches to find Jack very curious about what transpired under the tree. William explained to his colleague that Jim had demonstrated edumacation to him.

Also confused by the concept, Jack asked William what it is. William thought he might as well also demonstrate it so that Jack understood, so he held up his hand in front of his face and said:

"Punch me as hard as you can."

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