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Story of the Day: Four College Students Were Out Partying Late at Night

Jené Liebenberg
Jun 04, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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Four students thought they had managed to talk their way out of writing a test the day after a big party, but the dean outsmarted them. Read on to see how he handled the situation. 


All majoring in chemical engineering, four students decided to take the night off and go partying in town. What they didn't realize is that they had a big midterm test the following day. 

All four of them partied the night away, drinking, dancing, and having a good time until the sun rose over the horizon. On their way back to the dormitories, an alarm on a student's phone went off, reminding him about the upcoming test. 

Four students celebrating around a table. | Pexels/ Yaroslav Shuraev


Shocked, the friends all looked at each other, wondering what they would do because not one of them was prepared for the major test they were writing in a few hours. 

Sleep-deprived and a little hungover, the students tried to think of a way to get out of the test or ensure that they would still pass. Eventually, one of them jumped up, saying

"Why don't we say we were at a wedding, and on our way back we had a flat tire and it took us the entire night just to get back into town. Surely that will get them to sympathize with us!"

Black and white image of a house party. | Pexels/ alexandre saraiva carniato


They committed to the plan and went all out. They dressed in their most torn-up, dirty clothes, smeared dirt across their faces, and the girls smudged their lipstick and mascara - all in an attempt to make it look like they had a very rough night. 

The group of students arrived at the dean's office and put on their most needy and desperate faces before heading into his office to ask for his mercy concerning their big test. 

A female student writing a test with a phone on her lap. | Pexels/ RODNAE Productions


They all took turns sharing how terrible their night was as they led up to the big question, asking if they could take the test at another time so that they were better prepared. 

To their surprise, the dean didn't ask too many questions and granted them their request without too much hesitation. The friends walked out of the office high-fiving each other for scoring an extra three days to study for the test. 

A female student writing a test with a calculater on her desk. | Pexels/ RODNAE Productions


When the four of them arrived at the venue three days later, they found that they were assigned to write in four different rooms. Although they found it strange, they said their goodbyes and wished each other luck before heading to their seats. 

As they sat down, the proctors handed out the tests. Before turning the paper around, all of the students wondered why it was only one page, but when they flipped it over, they saw that the dean was one step ahead. They had to answer: 

"1. What is your name? 

2. Which tire burst on your trip home from the wedding last night?" 

A calculator on top of an open textbook. | Pexels/ Kaboompics .com


These four chemical engineering students learned their lesson the hard way. One way or another, they had to face the consequences of their actions to go out and party instead of studying for their test. 

Life doesn't easily let choices be made without ramifications, either good or bad. Hence, these students had to see the negative side of their decisions so that they will be more thoughtful next time.