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Al Roker Reminisces about How Fast Time Flies Ahead of His Eldest Daughter Courtney's Wedding

Stephen Thompson
Jun 04, 2021
08:32 A.M.
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Al Roker recently took his fans back in time ahead of his oldest daughter Courtney's wedding with a throwback family shot and a caption that gave the nod to his parents.


Al Roker's oldest daughter Courtney will soon be officially married to her fiancé Wesley Laga! The two got engaged last year amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

The wedding is scheduled to happen sometime this month, and the proud father has been feeling all types of ways about it.

An image showing Al Roker on "Today" on Tuesday, November 19, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images



Roker recently took to his Instagram page to share a throwback family picture that captured himself and his wife posing alongside his parents and his first child and daughter Courtney. 

In his caption, he marveled at how "fast time flies." He expressed pleasant shock that his daughter, who had been but a little girl yesterday, was now getting married. He also wrote:

"Al And Isabel Roker would have been so proud of their granddaughter." 



Roker is a famous name in the entertainment world, and rightly so, he has years of experience as a TV personality, actor, and anchorman, to name a few, under his belt. 

The mood in the shot was a celebratory one that will most definitely be magnified ten times over on the actual wedding day.


Roker knows how cruel that world can be, so it did not come as a surprise when he revealed how worried he is about the reception of the upcoming wedding event.

He jokingly pleaded that nobody tries to compare Courtney's wedding to theirs or someone else's. Coupled with this,  he is also nervous about the state of the weather since the event will be an outdoor one. 



As Courtney's wedding draws steadily closer, her family has been reuniting in anticipation, and Roker has been sharing snatches from the family time via his Instagram page. 

He once shared a shot from when his second daughter Leila joined them at home for the wedding. The picture featured Leila with her mom and the banana bread she baked to celebrate her return. 

The mood in the shot was a celebratory one that will most definitely be magnified ten times over on the actual wedding day. The wedding is slated for tomorrow and fans cannot wait to celebrate with the family. Congratulations Courtney!