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13-Year-Old Cheerleader Dies after Accidentally Eating Dessert That Contained Allergens

Jené Liebenberg
Jun 04, 2021
11:50 A.M.
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Reese Langer passed away after eating dessert that contained food allergens at a cheerleading banquet. Her family has launched a fundraiser for EpiPens in her honor.


13-year-old Reese Langer from Eagle, Idaho, tragically passed away after she had a bad allergic reaction to a dessert she consumed while attending a cheerleading banquet.

The teenager was diagnosed with food allergies as a young child and was good at managing her diet to avoid eating anything that her body reacted badly to, but the dessert was one too much for her body to handle.

Emergency room sign. | Pexels/ Pixabay



In the wake of her premature death, Langer's family has launched a fundraising campaign in her honor called ReeseStrong. They are aiming to raise funds and awareness for EpiPens used when someone experiences a bad allergic reaction.

The 13-year-old is described as a fun-loving, outgoing teenager who was an active participant in her community and enjoyed cheerleading. On the Reese Strong website, she is described as follows:

"We will always remember her for her sweet spirit, pure heart, and infectious smile. She lived life with the utmost kindness."



The late teen's family emphasized how loved she was by everyone who had the privilege of knowing her, and therefore, they want to carry her kindness forward through ReeseStrong.

She immediately returned home and was given two EpiPens while waiting for the EMS, but the teenager died.

The campaign aims to be able to help families in need of EpiPens, which can cost up to more than $600, and raise awareness for food allergies and the dangers that such a diagnosis can truly hold.



As Langer's family comes to terms with her sudden death, they shared that they are still thankful for the time they had with her while she was alive. Her mother said:

“We prayed for a miracle but in reality, we received that 13 years ago. And we were so very blessed to have this beautiful soul in our lives.”



Unfortunately, the Idaho teen is not the only one who lost her life after accidentally eating something that she was severely allergic to. 15-year-old Alexi passed away after unknowingly ingesting peanuts.

The teenager was at a friend's house when she went to the draw to grab a snack. She took a Chips Ahoy cookie without realizing that Reese's peanut butter chips were an added ingredient.

She immediately returned home and was given two EpiPens while waiting for the EMS, but the teenager died within an hour and a half of eating the cookie.

Alexi's mother is now calling on the company to make changes to their packaging to ensure that those with peanut allergies can clearly see that there are allergens in the product.